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Description - SUBWAY® App

Doctor`s Associates, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (SUBWAY FRESHBUZZ™ ,SUBWAY® App ,The Feed: Subway), brings SUBWAY® App with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SUBWAY® App app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc31
    to allow customers to make us aware of allergies and intolerances.
    I highly recommend to anyone who likes saving time.
    Love how customizable the app is.
    Seriously love this app.
    Fun & Engagingc37
    Awesome mobile wallet and ordering app.
    Wicked awesome app.
    Ease of Usec65
    Bonus was being able to skip the normal lunch hour line.
    App is super convenient.
    ordering is easy and straight forward.
    This is a great app and it makes it convenient.
    quick and easy access to fresh sandwiches made my way.

    A fun and quick way to order your favorite sandwich. found in 5 reviews
    I order subway often for my husbands 12hr shifts @ work. found in 1 reviews
    I'm a high school teacher with little time available for lunch. found in 1 reviews
    for any questions you can contact us here appfeedback subway. found in 1 reviews
    Love skipping the line. found in 2 reviews
    Love how customizable the app is. found in 1 reviews
    This subway app just gave me so much life. found in 3 reviews
    Cool app more Subway for me. found in 1 reviews
    Awesome mobile wallet and ordering app. found in 2 reviews
    I need them to fix that before I give this five stars. found in 1 reviews
    since honey mustard isn't available everywhere. found in 2 reviews
    Missing stuff from web. found in 1 reviews
    Lacks options. found in 1 reviews
    Can't give 5-stars until passbook integration is available. found in 2 reviews
    App keeps crashing during ordering. found in 1 reviews
    Please add support for passbook and Apple Pay. found in 2 reviews
    Doesn't let you pay by gift card. found in 1 reviews
    Its great except i cant cancel the order i just made. found in 1 reviews
    Can't choose white bread. found in 2 reviews
    Looks like it would be a good app if it had all the ingredients listed. found in 1 reviews
    but menu needs regular pizza. found in 1 reviews
    Previous reviews are outdated. found in 1 reviews
    No Custom Orders. found in 1 reviews
    FAQ buggy: last question about redeeming points doesn't appear. found in 1 reviews
    but with the kids meals there are no options for sides. found in 1 reviews
    But I think Al Sharpton might be partnering with Subway. found in 1 reviews
    There is no option to pay in store. found in 3 reviews
    And corporate fails to respond to customer service requests. found in 2 reviews
    but not limited to: credit card processors. found in 10 reviews
    Also there is no option to pay in cash. found in 16 reviews
    There's no option for for pepper jack cheese. found in 6 reviews
    Needs honey mustard added to the sauces. found in 9 reviews
    Can't login or add my credit card. found in 2 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SUBWAY® App for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 20.7 MB to download. The new SUBWAY® App app version has been updated on 2014-07-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    Bottom Line: For more information about SUBWAY® App check developer Doctor`s Associates, Inc.`s website :

    Short on time and always on the go? Download the SUBWAY App to find a store, order your meal and pay ahead, all from your phone. Currently available in our Eastern Massachusetts restaurants, as well ...
    Pretty good app Wish it loaded quicker tho           Ehh
    I like using this app Sometimes I dont want to pay with a card Paying at pickup should be an option There should be more options on some of the sauces too There isnt honey mustard or horseradish              Needs a lot of updates
    Love SUBWAY Food DELICIOUS App COULD USE IMPROVEMRNT The app could use wallet support so customers can use their SUBWAY cards to add redeem points on NFC enabled iPhones Thank you for taking the time to read these reviews                 Love your store app could use improvement
    Needs work Why do I care about opening a franchise        Meh
    I downloaded the app on my iPhone 6 set up a account it took 2 min added a credit card 30 seconds placed and paid for my order with the new app 3 min after ordering I drove the 6 min drive to My local SubWay Walked up to the register and with a smile a girl said let me guess you just placed a online order I said yes She handed me my food and out the door I go this app rocks I see some negative feedback who cares Hey people we are not sending people to Mars we are getting food it works GREAT Thanks SubWay you DAZZLED once again                 Dazzling way to SubWay
    This app would be great and useful except that it does not recognize my credit cards on file and therefore I cannot pay or order online through this app Completely useless     Does not recognize my cards on file
    Got my mind on your body and your bodys only 9 Jared from subway                 Jared the foot long lover
    Received what I ordered I work at a subway myself and I just wanted to try the app and I see how its fast and simple to order Just some features that I understand should be added on this app like if we have a coupon the coupon should have a specific code that we can enter and that applies to our coupon and then something more advance add an option to heat bacon or another meat before adding to the bread Overall this app is really helpful and coming from an employee its helpful for us as well so we can prepare food on time without backing up bc of the lines being too long                 Excellent
    I have used this app before and may I tell you it is better than going to the place and deciding what you want Its easy and simple                 YUM
    I was a raving fan of the Subway app on the 1st use Terrible 2nd experience with the use of the app I love the idea of ordering ahead of time to avoid the line That is what happened on my 1st use The 2nd time the app said order ready in 15 mins I showed up 45 mins later only to be told store had been too busy Guess what I waited in line with everyone else I am deleting the app and will not be back at least not to my local store     Terrible Local Service
    Why cant I use cash or a credit card Or even Apple Pay     Cant purchase unless you have a gift card
    The ap itself is great Easy to use very well thought out Superb Ive used it 3 times now and it doesnt matter if Im on time 5 min late or 15 min late the people at the other end do not start the sub until you get there So this ap does not save you any time it just takes up memory uslessly           Ap Good People Bad
    This app functions as promised and allows for easy access to Subways menu as well as placing orders I would recommend this app to anyone who visits Subway on a regular basis              Quality app
    Please stop putting antibiotics in our food the people deserve to not be poisoned everytime they eat one of your sandwiches     Subs not drugs
    This app is awesome too use              Great
    This app does what it says it does I ordered my custom footlong right after class and it was just about to finish up right when I walked in about 10 minutes after ordering Yes times may be different because I feel like it does not show an accurate wait time for some of those unusual busy times of the day Everyone is going to have a different experience with that but thats not what this app advertises its just a somewhat easier way to order when youre on the go No issues for me on my first time using the app will do another review maybe later in the future once I use it more              Pretty good app
    All the options arent in the app I always have to call the store How do you not have provolone listed And honey mustard Then there is no option to add special instructions Love the convenience wish it was fully operational        Mostly okay but lacking
    Cool app so far no problems              Good
    It works but needs some help I have hope it will get updated and become easier to use with less bugs              Needs some help
    This is a great app to use Easy to use and you find exactly what you are looking for This app is convenient and relative for people who just want to order their food and pick it up without the long wait Check out is a breeze Great job              Great Start
    lies     no credits
    this app is simple to use i like the online ordering feature                 simple
    This app has potential but needs a ton of work Hey Subway Not everyone wants to pay with a card I prefer to use cash but with the app thats impossible I cant clear the final phase of checkout without putting in a card number and being forced to use it This is a huge drawback Its almost not worth it to use the app Just go stand in line like everybody else or lack of lines since Subway is going the down the drain in profits and order there Also all the stores I go to have signs that read Use the app and get a free cookie Well its either false advertising or lazy employees as I have never been offered a free cookie Hopefully Subway will realize they no longer own the fastfood world and start making some changes that customers will actually appreciate The only reason I still go to Subway and I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years is because my local store has genuinely nice employees who treat me well and offer me discounts Get your act together Subway and an app that works is the first step        Needs a Lot of Work
    The one thing this app needs is the ability to specify a pick up time              Useful but could be better
    Not a bad app but it has some flaws that need worked out If you choose sweet onion sauce the app prints onions instead on the order Weve checked 3 times at our local Subway and they showed us the printed ticket Also the app doesnt show all the options for veggies when youre adding that to your order           Needs fixed
    Cant blame the employees for being illiterate app is simple and works great              Good app
    If you read the description for this app it talks all about how convenient it is to use the app to order ahead and pick up your food as soon as you arrive My experience today was anything but convenient When you order with the phone away from the store there is no way you can tell exactly how busy they are going to be BIG line today when I walked in hungry girls volleyball team My sandwich had not been made so I had to wait more than 45 minutes before I was served Im a patient guy but today I needed to be somewhere soon Thats why I ordered ahead to save time If I had not ordered ahead I would have simply gone somewhere else to eat By using the app I had already paid for my meal and there is no way to cancel your order in the app or get reimbursed for money already paid The store employees were less than understanding and certainly not interested in helping me with this situation To add insult to injury you have to pay for the privilege of being inconvenienced with a remote order tax Yeah 42 cents isnt going to break the bank but its one more thing thats inconvenient about using this app If I decide to go to Subway for a meal again and I will I will forget about using the app to order ahead and use the more convenient way order in the store and stand in line like everybody else I would advise you to do the same        Not A Convenient Way To Order
    The app works decently The only couple of things I noticed are It needs to ask if toasted heated or cold It needs to allow you to order a drink without having to make it a meal It needs a tea option on the drink selection Unless this is the fuze option Not very clear If it was just like the new drive through menu board it would be awesome           Not bad needs a few modifications
    This app isnt as bad as some of the other online ordering ones that they have Although it is convenient to order online there is no options for taking anything off a sub Such as the subway club I prefer to have it without the ham but you cant unselect the ham or even write instructions to not put it on there Also I want to pay cash at the store Why can I not do this I order on line from work but I only use cash so this makes it useless most of the time I really believe they need to work on this        Needs helps
    The app works as intended but the store in which it was advertised is slow on response I ordered my food through the app 10 minutes before arriving they had no meatballs heated up or any chocolate chip cookies prepared This store is not in a highly populated area or does it see high traffic I believe the staff fall under insubordinate managementi waited for an hour before receiving my meal Cleveland Tx           Great app crappy store
    Here is the problem I ordered a sub and it arrived a few minutes ago and they arrived with a total different sandwich I ordered a sub with ham bacon provolone lettuce mayo 2 cookies 1 drink and the sub toasted and they brought a sub with lettuce spinach tomatoes green peppers ad vinager and oil        Horrible
    Maybe this is iOs9 issue but the app will not let you access the camera to scan and pay the bill     Does not work
    it always works well for me I use it every time I go to subway                 Idk why everyone is complaining
    Its a good idea I guess But I dont eat enough Subway to keep an app on my phone thats just going to take up space I would go to their website if it was like this but dont think Id keep the app on my phone Maybe just download it every time I needed              Good concept
    This app is so easy to use You simply pick the sandwich you want and you can customize it just like in any store You can add any extras you want too Great way to order ahead and skip the lines plus you get a little discount on orders Only problem is not every store is super fast so you might have to wait sometimes Overall a good app Id recommend it              Bon a petit
    Yes I love the organization the navigation is really simple only thing is that the whole sign up process is really slow the app froze on me twice              Albright
    Good                 mrT
    In a hurry downloaded tried to use while walking down second Street in SF Sorry ordering is not available at this time Please try again later Unlikely     FAIL
    The app was soso in the beginning but needs major improvement now It doesnt give you the option to send a note to the store For example when I order a tuna sub I only want the bread to be toasted not the tuna Only problem is once you check toast it the store toast everything It doesnt allow you to cancel not modify your order I accidentally sent my order to the wrong store one time but wasnt able to do anything I called the store up but they didnt pick up the phone When they finally picked up 30 mins afterward theyve already made the sandwich and cant refund me The app doesnt always send your order to the store Yesterday was the last straw I placed an order went to pick up my sandwich only to find out the store didnt get anything and that I was not the only person this happened to Of course the lady was nice enough to make me the sandwich without receiving the order but I used the app to preorder so I wouldnt have to wait in line when I get there It sorts of defeat the purpose Im not sure I will continue using this app Ill wait to see if they make the necessary improvement On a side note Subway has gotten so slow Their employees take FOREVER to make a sub Jimmy Johns is faster only for pickup their delivery takes a while Subway employees take their time doing everything I was so tempted to jump behind the counter and make my own sandwich Expect to wait up to 10 minutes with Subway which is frustrating when youre in a rush With Jimmy Johns in and out in about 2 minutes     Needs major improvement
    Downloaded the app today but was disappointed I couldnt order the Mediterranean Steak Sandwich with Feta cheese and Tzatziki sauce since there wasnt an option available to choose from nor was there an area to make comments I understand the sandwich is for a limited time only but if its sold in the stores it should be listed in the app Also there needs to be more variety of chip choices and drink choices There wasnt a Dr Pepper option or a Cheetos option Other than that the app worked great at ordering since the sandwiches were ready as promised when we arrived to pick them up           Need to add feta cheese and tzatziki sauce to app
    Creating a new account was frustrating mainly because the four digit verification code never came through        Frustrating
    The app is pretty good I like the ordering process but the employees threw my food out before I got there I guess since no one uses this app they forgot to make an area designated to app orders           The app is fair
    This app is a joke It took me three times as long to get my sandwich and then the worker rudely told me that all the details of my order werent on the receipt Tried to charge me for extra stuff that I paid for and then cussed me out I may stop going to Subway altogether after this visit    
    Downloaded this for convenience but its not really convenient when the dressing I like isnt even built into the app Cant even make a note to the employees either     No honey mustard
    The app is great but the idiots who work at subway dont know how to take a payment with the app I have money loaded on my account and cant even use it     Train your employees
    Cant add points using the app     Cant add points
    Very good food and adorable prices              Good
    I love it when one of my favorite places legs me skip line Haha                 Good App
    I dont want Subway to store my credit card number for financial security reasons You cant order without doing that Therefore this app is useless to me The Dominoes app will let you order and pay either at pickup or on delivery        Cant order via phone and pay at store

    SUBWAY® App Food & Drink Subway® RestaurantSUBWAY® App Food & Drink Subway® RestaurantSUBWAY® App Food & Drink Subway® RestaurantSUBWAY® App Food & Drink Subway® RestaurantSUBWAY® App Food & Drink Subway® RestaurantSUBWAY® App Food & Drink Subway® RestaurantSUBWAY® App Food & Drink Subway® RestaurantSUBWAY® App Food & Drink Subway® Restaurant

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