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2nd Story Software, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (TaxACT 2013 Free Federal Edition – Prepare & E-file Your Federal Tax Return Free ,TaxACT Central ,TaxACT DocVault – Securely organize and save your tax documents ,TaxACT Free Federal Edition – Prepare & E-file Your Federal Tax Return Free), brings TaxACT 2013 Free Federal Edition – Prepare & E-file Your Federal Tax Return Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. TaxACT 2013 Free Federal Edition – Prepare & E-file Your Federal Tax Return Free app has been update to version 2.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The TaxACT 2013 Free Federal Edition – Prepare & E-file Your Federal Tax Return Free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-29.
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File your 2013 federal taxes FREE with TaxACT Free Federal Edition on your iPad Free to download, prepare, print and e-file your simple or complex tax returns. Whether you start your return through the tablet ...
I get a blank screen after logging in Very disappointing     Doesnt work
App allows signin then goes back to signin     Wont start
Kept having me sign in couldnt actually do anything in TaxAct     Lousy
I saw the previous 10 bad reviews while the app downloaded They are all true I tried to register 3 times unsuccessfully before it crashed     Horrible
I was able to log in and access data the first time I entered my password Then the app crashed and now when I log in I see a blank screen the says signing out in small type     Wont let me log in
Wont start or advance What a shame used to be a good app     FTL
Same problem as others with constant freezing Had to keep deleting and redownloading     Pretty terrible app
Dont bother It doesnt work The number one guy only one who praises the app works for TaxAct dont let him fool you     Was this even tested
Got all the way to the end and it asked me to pay through iTunes I agreed It went through on iTunes but didnt count for the app itself and it double charged both purchases Would not recommend to anyone     Garbage app
Im amazed this problem still exists on April 10 Thats pretty unforgivable     Still crashing
thought id save some money using tax act instead of turbo tax this year but upon finishing inputting my w2s the app asked for cookies to be turned on and then ceased to work couldnt sign in anymore had to finish online instead of through app made me kinda nervous dont bother with the app and the extra that turbo tax charges just might be worth it for peace of mind and userfriendliness     theres a reason why turbo tax costs more
App is not starting     Review 1
This is very frustrating Whenever I get the Signing Out Blank Screen of Death I have to delete the app and then reinstall it If this happened once it wouldnt bother me But this is the fourth time Ive had to reinstall the app        App Crashes Have to DeleteReinstall
Running this on an iPad 2 with iOS 7 and anytime I attempt to log in to my TaxAct account it crashes Please fix     Crashes upon login
sign in then it shows a blank page with the words signing out     Im getting the same thing
I cannot even register let alone do anything else with this app Useless     Cannot Register
I downloaded the app and couldnt even get it to open to even check it out     Didnt work
The good been using taxact for years and love it It works and its usually easy The bad not always sure when it does calculations I got to the compare filing jointly vs separate and after selecting joint and going back in my refund jumped way up I dont know why I looked through everything all over again and it all looks correct I hate the time out It is too quick and then I have to log in again but usually takes me back to the page I was on It wont let you multitask I switch to another app to check facts and when I go back it has logged me out even if for two seconds The UgLY at the end when you go to file it will give you a PDF of your returns which if you open them the iPad goes to another app iBooks or whatever you choose and it has logged you out Then it doesnt bring you back to where you were so you have to start the submission again Than again for state making it three times to get it done Very annoying        The good the bad and the ugly
Every time I try to logon it briefly flashes logging out or some such and presents the default screen I have no problem logging onto the website     Cant login
I never write reviews but I love TaxAct and have used it for years I downloaded this for my iPad mini running ios7 and it wont stop crashing None of my other apps do that Youve got to fix this guys     Crashes repeatedly
After I log in I get the signing out message Im trying to SIGN IN     Crappy crash you
Im terribly disappointed at this years version of TaxAct It crashes and wont let me file Last year it worked great     Horrible
This has been a great app in the past but just like the other users my app crashes and I get the blank screen with the signing out message I have been able to access my account online but have been unable to access any screens that allow me to enter data Please get these problems fixed now     App Crashes
I too have had nothing but headaches with this App Like another user I got billed three times and when I called Tax Act they said they couldnt help Great So now I am waiting to hear back from itunes to see if they will refund me the double charges Doing taxes is headache enough but dealing with faulty billing just makes me boil     This App is worthlessbe warned
Terrible designIve entered my W2 twice and it doesnt save at all I even restarted my iPad Use your time wisely and avoid     AVOID IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME
I couldnt be happier with the TaxACT app I feel that the primarily negative reviews are not justified I have used TaxACT online for years instead of TurboTax mostly because the price for filing is more competitive and I have not been able to discern a quality difference between the two products I wish I had been aware of the app companion to the online web site for filing my taxes Although I have no issue with using TaxACTs web site this app makes using TaxACT online on the iPad much easier and more native for the platform I have not found any stability issues with this app and knowing how the web site appears the app operates nearly identically with identical content as the web site I have not experienced any crashes or other difficulties with the app My initial login to my existing tax file for 2013 took a bit longer than I expected but that experience cant be classified as a difficulty Probably the best part of this app is that the data is all stored on TaxACTs servers and I can access from a conventional web browser or turn around and access on the iPad I cant think of a better manner in which to prepare taxes online My only regret is not knowing about this app until I was nearly ready to file my taxes                 Great extension to the TaxAct web site
I have filed my return with taxact for the last few years and it has worked great and I have had no problems This year I am having problems with my PC so tried using the mobile app with my ipad I got all my information filled in but when I went to file my return it kept saying payment was not processed So I tried it 3 more times It still would not accept my payment So my taxes are still not filed I checked my bank account shortly after and I had been charged 4 times through itunes to file my return So I got charged 4 times to submit my return and still was not able to Itunes support is refunding 3 of the charges thank god But I still payed 1589 and STILL cannot file my return NOT HAPPY     HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE
App starts up gets you going and then crashes Tried on my iPad 3 and it no longer works just says signing out and thats it Deleted it     Dont waste your time
Ive been using TaxAct since it first came out and have always found it a great system Like everyone else though now all I get is a white screen that says logging out when I try to log into the app This seems to have been a problem with the app since it became available in January and the TaxAct folks dont seem to care Time to find a new tax prep system     Same as everyone else
I download the app and begin using it and then it tells me the browser Im using which is the browser within the app is not recommended for use with TaxAct     Try again
You cannot retrieve your prior years taxes if you use this app and it updates itself on your tablet Taxact is not giving me any option other than contacting irs I have paid for a copy and Can not retrieve it because the taxes were done with this app     Faults ad
App does not recognize payments App only accepts I tunes for payment TaxACT price was 2498 I tunes extracted 2648 from bank     TaxACT will cost you
After login app crashes     Crash
Entered all info Closed out before submitting now says there is an update Cant find update to download Please fix so I can finish my taxes     No longer works
Junk     Junk
Um after the initial download and open it will not open now        Crash
I didnt have the crashing problem Everything seemed like it was working fine The only reason I am giving 3 stars is because if you efile with the app its 3999 but if you use the website its only 1799 I just used dolphin to finish paying and efiling but it stinks that you have to use another app to finish to get the price that is advertised in their emails           Worked fine for me
Same easy format as online was even able to start online and finish on tablet                 Easy to use
I have used tax act for 4 years now and this year I cant filing my state due to that its not up to date Not happy and cause I used the app I cant finish online cause I already filed my fed through the app PLEASE update app ASAP     App is crap
Have version 400 was working but now advises To update to latest version available on the apple Store which the link provided does not work and searching under Updates does not finds any newer ones Version           Delraydan
Just shows a blank screen and vanishes     App wont start
Like others app lets you sign in but doesnt load anything Just crashes back to login screen Lame     Boooo
This app works very similar to the website just quicker Had no problems at all              Great app
App is completely useless on iPad 1 Crashes as soon as app attempts to open I know Im using old technology but if its not supported dont allow me to download it     App crashes on iPad 1

TaxACT 2013 Free Federal Edition – Prepare & E-file Your Federal Tax Return Free FinanceTaxACT 2013 Free Federal Edition – Prepare & E-file Your Federal Tax Return Free FinanceTaxACT 2013 Free Federal Edition – Prepare & E-file Your Federal Tax Return Free FinanceTaxACT 2013 Free Federal Edition – Prepare & E-file Your Federal Tax Return Free Finance

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