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Kasper Systems GmbH , brings Threema with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Threema app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a great messaging app regardless of security..

Overall Satisfactionc89
The best app ever used.
This app is my favorite secure messaging app I've used so far.
So much better than anything else out there.
Great job Dev team.
Best two bucks I have ever spent.
Ease of Usec92
You been looking for a simple and gorgeous messenger.
It's easy to figure out.
Fast and easy to setup.
Security & Privacyc90
Steve recommended on his and Leo Laporte's Security Now podcast.
Best App for secure messages now finally with iPad support.
Yay for privacy.
threema takes data privacy very seriously.

send voice messages. found in 2 reviews
It is capable of doing SMS. found in 1 reviews
photos and videos. found in 1 reviews
Update looks great. found in 1 reviews
Recommended by Steve Gibson. found in 1 reviews
Finally a secure messaging app with a great UI. found in 1 reviews
I read the FAQ and looked into the tech. found in 1 reviews
Steve recommended on his and Leo Laporte's Security Now podcast. found in 3 reviews
Searching for a secure way to communicate with my friends I found threema. found in 1 reviews
Worth investing $1. found in 1 reviews
Good alternative to whatsapp. found in 1 reviews
Cool texting app with privacy. found in 1 reviews
You can even create a wallpaper for the background. found in 1 reviews
packed with great features. found in 1 reviews
Best App for secure messages now finally with iPad support. found in 1 reviews
Performs as advertised. found in 2 reviews
You been looking for a simple and gorgeous messenger. found in 1 reviews
send videos and pictures. found in 1 reviews
but really should become open source before being fully trusted. found in 2 reviews
Crash on startup. found in 1 reviews
Hence the missing star from this rating. found in 1 reviews
the camera doesn't work on the iPhone 6. found in 2 reviews
stopping recording of audio messages is more difficult than it needs to be. found in 1 reviews
I love this app and have been using it without issue. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't always alert. found in 1 reviews
Needs iPad version. found in 1 reviews
Major problem: have missed texts. found in 1 reviews
especially for security issue. found in 1 reviews
Good app but zero support. found in 1 reviews
but I cannot play audio messages. found in 2 reviews
but many reviewers have taken up that mantle. found in 1 reviews
Camera does not work on iphone. found in 1 reviews
or stalls for 30 minutes every few trips. found in 1 reviews
I have no complaints regarding the app's security. found in 1 reviews
they dont have this app. found in 1 reviews
cant message other people if. found in 1 reviews

The Threema is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 5.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-07. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Threema in Kasper Systems GmbH`s Official Website :

Threema is a new mobile messaging app that puts security first. With true end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that only you and the intended recipient can read your messages. Unlike other popular messaging apps (including ...
Problem with both iOS and android phones is when someone calls I see the alert but do not get any audio alert that lets me know someone is calling Aside from the above problem great app                 Great app but phone calls don t ring Hightower007
I don t understand why in an upgrade some time ago they took away the letters under the numbers as on a telephone and never put them back For me this makes it harder to use because I remember letters more easily than numbers hence I have to look up my password hence I use less         Password l;aksdjsf;iasdjfo[
I love this app and all the privacy features it has to offer but I am blown away that it doesn t have the option to users to choose or burn their messages or conversations I ll definitely give this app if once it s added             No disappearing messages loganlp801
This app is great for secure messaging and anonymity I wish this app used a in app purchase model so it could be downloaded for free to increase the user base They could then charge an in app purchase for features like voice calling group chat or other features that could be limited but allow for basic secure messaging for new users However for being a paid app it seems to lag in features compared to competing products I hope they add or fix some of these items Perfect Forward Secrecy on the end to end layer self destructing and deleting messages video calling allow the user to do other messaging while a call is in progress                 Great but behind on features secured2k
Having some issues with calling to another threema user it will ring sit on connecting and then disconnect Work fine a couple times and had just stopped                 Calling works off and on Roxystar21
missing messages the other person receive the notification but not the messages happened couple times already if is fixed l ll give 5             Missing messages with this version
Love this app and its technical implementation                     Great product with German data protection Dishappointed
Ever since the last update the voice message recording has a bug It records super silently and you have to pretty much hold the speaker right to your ear to be able to understand Even if the volume is all the way up Please fix that issue It s very annoying         Needs to be fixed since last update Tennessee iPad owner
This is a very helpful app and I m very glad it exists                     Useful app Keeps getting new features jesscXC
Arabic Hebrew language support please Thanks for the Voice calls                     in Love with the App Ma}{RaJa
If there is a web app for Mac this would get a lot better and compete with telegram             Web app or mac download needed ragada
Love it                     Awesome Chillthevibe
I am using this app for 6 months now and it is the best ever easy fast full privacy and i can send anything so fast Its better than kik which lags a lot specialy on sending pictures                     The best nona4s
ya guys got this right                     good job
Great Love it                     Review _SourceE_
Audio sounds great but there s two things that ruin the app for me first is no Bluetooth support yea that Bluetooth headset will not record for this app you can listen on Bluetooth but you can transmit using it the second thing is no continuous playback I m in a group that posts a lot and I m an interstate trucker so the idea of clicking on every message to listen to it is to distracting while driving and extremely time consuming fix those two issues and I m in for 5 stars         Could be 5 stars kingfish66
The application offers anonymity and security It does not link to a phone number or email It uses a separate key                     If you care about privacy use this app greener2009
I love this app and love the focus on security It s recently become one of my favorite apps and I want to convince more people to use it                     Great private messaging app dforvendetta
I am very security oriented and I enjoy this app I do agree that no being able to backup more than 20MB is frustrating but the privacy and security is worth the wait for that to be fixed I also enjoy that this app can be separately locked unlike just about all of the other messengers out there And I like that the accounts are NOT going to get purged if they are over a year old and have no activity                     Love the security DJJaxe
Threema offers the best security of any encrypted messaging app available Not only is it based in the pro privacy country of Switzerland but it has also been comprehensively audited by a reputable Swiss security firm and found to have no vulnerabilities The other great thing that makes it unique is that only you have access to your private key and you can exchange public keys directly with friends and family which proves the identity of your contacts This robust authentication protects your communications to a greater degree than similar apps For more confirmation check out past Security Now podcasts for why Threema is the best messenger you can get If you are looking for a messaging app that gets security right look no further than Threema                     The Best Secure Messenger of All
when you need security this is the app to get                     great secure messaging app MikesTooLz
I like this messenger for security privacy and anonymity One feature i want message burn timer like in Signal or Telegram                     Secure waterlemonmelon
App not connecting to internet on an iPhone 6S running iOS 10 2 using T Mobile Please fix or send a solution     Not Connecting nevrikos
Feel confident and comfortable with what your saying Encryption works people That s why so many want to stop it Encryption apps might be banned from the App Store at some point so until then enjoy your freedom and say what you want with knowing only you and your intended recipient is viewing your info                     Best app TomQJones
really nice and secure                     best chatting app Haider Al Zubaidy
This is a great messaging app regardless of security It has voice video pictures you name it I mainly used it in the first place because I needed a password protected messaging app This fit the bill perfectly but since then theyve added tons of features including the ones I listed above Definitely worth the price of admission and is just a great app                 Great messaging app feature rich
The new king is Telegram                 Threema is out
A trusted security expert has touted the solid endtoend encryption provided by this app and I purchased it based on that recommendation I have no complaints regarding the apps security The problem is server reliability Each outgoing message is timestamped in a separate screen available after longclicking a message to show when it was sent and when delivered There is also a when read timestamp but that has no bearing here Over the course of the past weeks and months the timestamps show frequent delivery delays of 20 minutes 30 minutes and sometimes even hours Some are never delivered These frequent long delays defeat the central requirement of a working text message system conversations that happen in near real time Its like having car with revolutionary safety features that only starts half the time or stalls for 30 minutes every few trips It is unacceptable I want to love this app but I cant recommend it     Vaunted security hampered by unreliability
Nobody seriously tested this app for user convenience Among other shortcomings you cannot mute group chats or any chats There are no stickers or stamps either This app is garbage compared to free alternatives like LINE and is solely geared towards paranoid privacy fetishists Not worth the asking price     Inconvenient
When using passcode Touch ID has been going on for many versions How about a fix someday        Crash on startup
I love this app but the latest update removed my password I had to turn the lock feature back on This needs to be fixed              Update removed password
The security provided by this app is great Locking the app with a passcode is another great feature Only drawback is how impersonal it seems not knowing the online status of your contact Messages feel as though they are being shot off into the dark without knowing if your contact is online or when they were last seen Most messaging apps seem to offer that these days              Almost perfect
Best App for secure messages now finally with iPad support                 Finally IPad Support
You been looking for a simple and gorgeous messenger Then your done now Threema uses endtoend encryption and a qrcode verification for best security and safe transmission of your text Youre not forced to load up your contacts and even if you do its not getting stored in Switzerland and sent there hashed Through different verification levels you see how save your connection really is If your talk business or just like the feeling of not being monitored this is an app for you and your community                 Best mobile messenger
Steve recommended on his and Leo Laportes Security Now podcast Good enough for me                 Recommended by Steve Gibson
I like the extra security of the lock passcode feature something that whatsapp doesnt have the ability to export chat logs and media in a single email plus its asymmetric ECC based encryption all that makes this app the 1 among all the mobile messaging apps Thanks for the button to see all the media in a chat                 Perfect messaging app and fast
I was a happy user but since this last update I cant send pictures directly from the cam or from my photo library anymore Dont update before this major bug is fixed     Dont update
Secure Updated with iOS 8 optimize for iPhone 6 6 Amazing                 The best
The app is stellar in its implementation of end encryption and the interface is mostly well done However two issues that I have never received an answer when emailing support 1 the text entry field is constantly being obscured and especially now with ios8 2 I emailed and asked if the contents of the chats were separately encrypted in that I was wondering if anyone who could into an iCloud backup or backup of the iPhone data on the mac would be able to see the data as in any other app with a third party utility Again No response Yes the person has to be able to unlock the phone but if they have access to the already trusted mac they can rifle they any of the files For a developer that wants to lead with an end to end encryption solution I feel this kind of question needs to be answered They dont Or any other questions           Good app but zero support
Messaging works great but I cant link a Threema contact whose QR code I scanned with a contact on my iOS device I select Linked Contact and choose the individual from my Contacts list but Threema still shows the Linked Contact as none           Cant link contacts
Crashes frequently voice MSG dose not work on ios 5 Supports lame answer was to upgrade my iOS to 7 can not for several reasons     Weak support
A welldeveloped and clean interface on top of what looks like a properly implemented secure messaging system Nice implementation of facetoface key verification Hopefully some missing features like local iOS 7 push messages will be implemented soon but its already a great product                 Excellent secure messaging
After updating the Threema app to V240 I opened it and it showed me a message that it is updating the database So far ok but what happened next is unacceptable Instead of asking for my passcode or fingerprint Threema just opened up without any further interaction and provided access to all stored conversation data     Serious Flaw with latest update V240
Just need to add a Mac app and this would be the perfect application If you are wondering this is a cryptographically solid application with string encryption between devices Once you achieve three dot verification the chances of a man in the middle attack are all but eliminated              Secure Messages
Use it every day So much better than anything else out there                 Great App
Its a great app and i like it but it takes a lot of time loading the messages you have received plus we want a new update to have a touch ID and to fix iOS8 keyboard crash                 Great app
Major problem have missed texts If you are on the phone or have an app open on iOS you do not get an audible alert Needs to be fixed as this has medico legal implications        Doesnt always alert
فقط اتمنى اضافه اللغه العربيه        البرنامج مافيه عيب
Takes 15 minutes for a message to be delivered But hey at least the NSA isnt reading it right guys        SLOW
I am unable to open Threema I deleted the App then reloaded it I still cannot get it to open     Cant Open Threema App anymore
For being a secure messaging app it has one huge flaw Audio messages are played through the speaker for all to hear There needs to be a way to turn that off I love the app but that data leakage is a major oversight and makes audio messaging useless Ive tried multiple times to contact the company directly but got no response so maybe theyll read it here        Secure Almost
I like this app but the current version has a serious bug Threema works with a passcode and Touch ID and can easily back up the chat and the last 20MB of media via email However it seems in the newest update a REALLY bad flaw is introduced if you are running Threema and doubleclick the Home button and go to another app doubleclicking the Home button again still shows the last image of the Threema chat I hope the developers will immediately issue an update to fix this incredibly bad flaw because Threema is a really welldesigned app otherwise Five stars when this terrible bug is fixed     Good app REALLY bad flaw that needs to be fixed immediately
Performs as advertised Deep customization Very impressed Hopefully it will take off in the US                 Well done
Excellent app                 Excellent
Knowing that my lifetime history of messages is not stored somewhere to be read by anyone at anytime That is the best feature of threema to me                 Fantastic App
السلام عليكم برنامج دردشة ذو مميزات أمنية اكثر من الواتس وهو أفضل الموجود حاصل على مراجعات أمنية من قبل عدد من الباحثين من ضمنهم سباركوف لصاحبه الكويتي عبدالله العلي اعتقد انه متأثر KGBو شكرا                 خصوصية
When you choose the camera option in the app to take a picture the camera doesnt work on the iPhone 6 It is just dark Otherwise the app works fine              Nice app Camera does not work on iphone
Seems to be working great for what I need                 Great app
Lets all express true freedom by taking back our basic right to privacy This app is so complete and secure I have just about eliminated the use of email Wonderful app indeed                 A must have for privacy
My biggest want was the privacy endtoend This app exceeds those requirements It is capable of doing SMS MMS photos and videos and instant audio recordings The app operates as a container but allows you to extract content to store on the phone default storage locations Best two bucks I have ever spent                 Absolutely Incredible
iOS 712 does not open the application Resolve faster     iOS 712
It should be renamed to Turtle Messenger     Aka Turtle Messenger
I paid money for this because the free ones required ios 7 Never upgrade the ios please                 keep ios 5
The App is good especially for security issue But it is so slow when send and receive the messages It takes more than 5 minutes for each a message to reach to the other device Very slow           App very slow
5 Star for this perfect messenger but activation service dont work for iran mobile number no activation sms and no phone call                 Pefect
Works perfect And Whatsapp doesnt get all your contact data how often you call someone and so on                 Great App
Best secure messaging app Ive found Highly recommended and worth the price                 Great
I love this app and have been using it without issue I could list all the great things about it but many reviewers have taken up that mantle What I dont understand is how they could introduce polls as a feature before supporting animated GIFs Its a messaging app after all Just an oddity other than that its great and I recommend to all my friends Thanks for a amazing app              Polls
I can read messages with VoiceOver but I cannot play audio messages Also stopping recording of audio messages is more difficult than it needs to be           VoiceOver support is fixed
My brother uses a windows phone and our family uses iPhones We already looked in frequently asked questions to fix the issue on our own his messages show up on our notifications but when we open the messages there is nothing there Im missing out on family pics He receives old messages from us that didnt go through at first or none at all Please make windows and iPhone threema comparable Otherwise great app           Where are my messages
Like this app BUT updated my Threema app today The new update changes your settings removing your passcode I use Threema because its secure and I can lock it separately from the iPhone Talked to others who had the same problem For an app that specialize in security and privacy this is a problem              Update removes passcode
If you dont want your life history of data stored on some server in the USA where anyone can pull up your chat history anytime they want Then THREEMA is for you I love this app and have got at least 100 business relationships on this app                 Best app available
البرنامج رائع جدا وجميل وأمن تستطيع اغلاق البرنامج برمز سري واذا تم ادخال الرمز غلط عدة مرات يمسح كل شي ويرجع البرنامج من جديد امن ولا يحفظ الصور الئ الاستؤديو الا باذنك يستاهل ٥ نجوم                 رائع رانصح بتحميلة
but after the last update it wont let me use the app Supposedly I dont have enough storage available although there is plenty on my phone Please fix this issue     Great app
If people care about security at all they should get this app WhatsAppFaceBook Messenger are a security privacy mess This app is fast reliable and secure Works great on iOS 8                 Get this people Skip WhatsApp

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