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Chillingo Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS games (Civilizations Wars ,Pro Zombie Soccer Lite ,Ultimate Voice Recorder ,Zombie Wonderland ,Sneezies ,Monster Mayhem), brings Tiny Troopers with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tiny Troopers games has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great time passer..
  • Best Military Interactive Game..
  • I have enjoyed playing this game and have completed all the levels..
  • I recommend this game to anyone who likes shooting games..
  • This is one of the best free games I have played..
Overall Satisfactionclick me91
This is possibly the best war game there is for iPhone.
Add more levels and keep the variations going.
This is one of the best free games I have played.
Other than those 2 things AWESOME and AMAZING game.
Fun and addicting best game I've played on a phone.
I recommend this game to anyone who likes shooting games.
You need more weapons in the game.
Fun & Engagingclick me86
This a really fun game to play.
Really good game to play with easy enough controls.
This game is very addictive and challenging at that.
Add more levels and keep the variations going.
Very fun game that you can enjoy for hours.
Great game to pass a few minutes or a few hours.
Super super super fun and very addicting.
It's hard to find fun strategy /tower defense type games.
Usefulnessclick me100
I play it everyday.
Everything I'd hoped for in an iPad game.
Value for Moneyclick me75
you'll need to spend real money to unlock training and specialists.
you will have to spend money to go far.
people who actually spend real money on this trash.
It's relatively easy to level up without spending a lot of $$$.
and you can play it without spending a dime.
Replay Valueclick me94
Add more levels and keep the variations going.
The missions are fun and challenging to search for hidden bonuses.
This game has good graphics with excellent gameplay and high replay value.
This game is hours of entertainment.
Very simple to play hard to master.
This game will give you hours upon hours of fun.
it's a challenging and addictive games.
Social Aspectsclick me66
U should add multiplayer on zombies.
Production Valuesclick me87
Graphics and game play are extremely well done.
Easy controls and lots of fun game play.
Great graphics and fun game play ruined by "pay to purchase" extras model.
similar sound effects and characters.
Ease of Useclick me94
Very easy to control your soldiers.
Very cool game simple and fun.
Very simple to play hard to master.
intuitive game help you to relax.
Reliabilityclick me37


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Size doesn`t matter for these miniature men of war.
Take control of a platoon of crack soldiers and deploy in a variety or war zones as you battle through the epic campaign.

Tiny TroopersTiny Troopers
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Universal, works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Featuring awesome visuals, intuitive touch gameplay, varied missions and a great sense of humor, Tiny Troopers is the complete package.


You control three highly trained troopers whose missions include destroying the enemy, blowing up structures, and escorting journalists through war torn areas.
Tiny Troopers


Tiny Troopers features 30 explosive missions spread across three chapters, all tied together into an involving, narrative-driven campaign.


Your troops will get stronger and more battle hardened the more missions they survive. Can you keep your squad alive through the whole war?


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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tiny Troopers for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 45.6 MB to download. The new Tiny Troopers app version 1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Tiny Troopers check developer Chillingo Ltd`s website :


great for the 5 min time killer. found in 6 reviews
The best app I have ever downloaded on my iPhone and IPad. found in 1 reviews
It's hard to find fun strategy /tower defense type games. found in 16 reviews
Nonstop fun that keeps you coming back for more action. found in 2 reviews
This game is hours of entertainment. found in 4 reviews
Great little war game needs more single play levels though. found in 4 reviews
Very fun game that you can enjoy for hours. found in 26 reviews
This is a fun game for all ages. found in 4 reviews
This app is very addicting and loads of fun. found in 12 reviews
It's epic I love it best game in the world it's awesome. found in 3 reviews
This game will give you hours upon hours of fun. found in 2 reviews
The missions are fun and challenging to search for hidden bonuses. found in 14 reviews
This game is fun action packed and cute. found in 5 reviews
similar sound effects and characters. found in 6 reviews
Better than the PC version. found in 1 reviews
It's very fun and a very cute game. found in 6 reviews
Awesome game need more options in next updates. found in 131 reviews
This game has good graphics with excellent gameplay and high replay value. found in 7 reviews
Just download it it's worth it. found in 2 reviews
Simple controls and just challenging enough to keep you playing. found in 5 reviews
but recently after I beat campaign mode. found in 5 reviews
Desperately needs iPhone 5 support. found in 2 reviews
Would be better if it would let me buy more medals. found in 3 reviews
Game does not fit in the premium price range. found in 1 reviews
It won't let me play campaign or missions FIX IT. found in 7 reviews
But please fix the crashing. found in 3 reviews
Fun except for all the air strikes. found in 2 reviews
The game used to load fine. found in 7 reviews
their is no music playing for a more dramatic effect. found in 2 reviews
Maybe some problems with the Game Center connection. found in 3 reviews
Crashes at the Tutorial Screen on iPod Touch 4g. found in 2 reviews
Not a bad game if you got time to waste. found in 3 reviews
Please add retina display support for iTouch 5. found in 1 reviews
Would rate 5 but it needs campaign. found in 1 reviews
my game crashes every time I try to open it. found in 15 reviews
But I cant play past lvl 12 in the campaign. found in 4 reviews
Needs more people available. found in 1 reviews
Fun App that loves to crash. found in 1 reviews
Cant play. found in 4 reviews
Game doesn't start in ipod touch 4g. found in 2 reviews
I wish the game would work. found in 3 reviews
After intro video on iPod 4th gen it just sits there. found in 4 reviews
always crashes fix. found in 3 reviews
Crashes on the iPad mini. found in 4 reviews
Wiped out my command points and medals - twice. found in 3 reviews
I cant even finish the tutorial because it crashes every time i try to play. found in 3 reviews
Aggravating requests to review. found in 5 reviews
once I played for awhile the game crashes while loading. found in 15 reviews
After buying upgrade game started crashing in campaign mode. found in 7 reviews
No full screen iPhone 5 support. found in 2 reviews
Every time I try to play it always crashes. found in 3 reviews
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iPhone 480x320 2
iPhone 480x320 3
iPhone 480x320 4
iPad 480x360 1
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iPad 480x360 4
Icon 175x175 1
I cant start the game It keeps sending me back to my home screen Can you guys fix this bug so I can play your game    Cant play the game
I just got it and it wouldnt let me get in the game    Problem
I cant even get onto the appit just crashes    Crash
Is this app ever gonna be updated or has my time and money just been wasted    DOES NOT WORK ON iOS 8
doesnt get past loading screen    Fails to launch on iPad
When I get to the loading screen it kicks me out plz help me                Problem
Doesnt work on iPad Air 2    iPad air2
I love the game its amazing But lately now every time I go to open it it crashes I cant play it anymore          Crashing
This game is really fun and super easy to play I love it                Funnest game ever
I was excited to play it but after the advertisement for the developers it crashes Its kind of like drug companies They are so so excited to get you to get their product that they arent worried about being effective afterwards    Crashes after advertisement
This game is really afflicting and fun                Addicting
While Im loading it boots me off    Plz Fix
This app keeps crashing I click on the icon to launch the game it shows the 1st 2 loading screens then crashes every time Ive tried reinstalling the game but it still does that Please fix       KEEPS CRASHING
Why does this game not want to load on my iPad mini I have never had any other problems with any other apps on this pad I have updated my iPad removed and reinstalled this game and nothing works Please help me out with this    Wont work
Awesome It works again 5 stars again                Great
Game crashes on startup on IPhone 5s    Wont load
Cant get beyond the splash screen Restarted iPad even upgraded to newest iOS version still no luck    Keeps crashing
Well it is cool and fun                Tiny troopers
Decent enough mindless shootem up game Too easy and zero strategy needed The good news it really is free There is only a couple upgrades I couldnt do by being diligent to collect medals and they really werent necessary anyway Tiny Troopers 2 is a huge improvement Skip this one and go straight to number 2       Go straight to Tiny Troopers 2
This game is verry bad Half the time my character dont even move or shoot    Terrible
This game wont even open Trying to play it on a brand new iphone 6 Followed what the developer said to do to get it to load and it still wont Its junk    Junk
Crashes immediately upon launch    Unplayable
Crashes on boot up iPad air2    Wont load
Doesn woek    Crashes every time I try to open it Fix this
Crash on launch on iPad 3 Please fix    Crash
This app not working in ios 8    Bad
The best game to ever exist Not only that but the second one is even better way better no drought I love it                Oh my lord
This game is so much fun Really enjoy it             FUN
Day number 39485738488938384848574636101010425 still waiting for Tiny Troopers to stop crashing    
Addicting and easy to control                Sooooo fun
Crashe iPhone 6 83       Updated plz
Im a fan of Tiny Troopers 2 and wanted to try the original but it shuts down every time right before it comes to the opening Needs to be fixed    Wont open
Note this is 41015 today so if its way later in the future they might fix this by thenIts bugged and when you try to open it the opening two credits come out and then something goes wrong it just closes the app and returns to the home screen Please fix it thanks    Doesnt work on latest version
I dont know why it crashes each time I go in on my iPad    Why does it crash
Game wont run with 18    Cant get in
Keeps on crashing    Crashing
let me see your war face covered with a beard of content plus a few dollars cause you ant getting out of here alive or with any money after you but the rookie package how you spend it the game will let you continue so buy it and letGod sort it out uhraw             small warriors
Ok from other reviews Ive heard that the game is great but I cant even get on the game be glad I gave 2 stars Please fix this or Ill have to rate 1 star and I dont want to do that       WHAT
When i try to launch the app on the iPhone 6 it takes me back to the home screenPlzzz fix    Problems
Just got the game and it wont even load please fix this problem    I cannot even play the stupid game
I love the graphics on the game It felt like Im at the battlefield while trying to meet the objective of that mission Keep up the good work                Fantastic game
Tiny troopers is awesome but I cant even play it not even on wifi but I had it on my iPad but that broke so I got it and it wont work          Tiny troopers
Never even got to play wont let me get past the starting screen    Crash
Awesome game They all talk funny but I guess thats the point of being tiny Haha                JDog
2 splash screens then it crashesEVERY TIME PLEASE FIX    Does not work on the iPad
Can only play zombies the other buttons are already depressed    Doesnt work
Game shuts down as soon as you open it    Bug
Havent had a chance to play it yet coz it keeps crashing right when i open the app fix pls    Crashes
Master ov sent me here                Miles
This is awesome and so is the second one I love it                Cool


Chillingo Ltd
45.6 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Tiny Troopers 1.2 Mobile

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