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Lifetime Memori , the publisher behind many iOS app (Hidely: Secret Camera | Private Photo Gallery ,Trunx - Peace through Privacy), brings Trunx - Peace through Privacy with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Trunx - Peace through Privacy app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • the devs seem to be willing & ready to respond to users..
  • highly recommend as an option for backing up your memories..
  • Best photo app I've seen..
  • It is a very nice and easy to use photo editing app..
  • iCloud backup of photos is shared with device backup storage space..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Definitely the best photo storage app I have used.
Absolutely the best photo backup app that I've ever used.
great to upload and unlimited storage make this app great.
Highly recommend it for those naughty photos.
I highly recommend you give it a try.
My mother loves it too.
Fun & Engagingc95
Awesome camera app.
The fact that I can have unlimited storage is awesome.
Very useful photo utility for iOS.
Looking forward to having everything all in one place and adding tags.
Hella useful.
Functional and helpful.
Family Friendlyc100
Just discovered sharedpix such an easy way to share pics with friends and family.
sharedpix such an easy way to share pics with friends and family.
My wife and kids both use it.
It's an app my family and I use all the time.
Social Aspectsc83
Just discovered sharedpix such an easy way to share pics with friends and family.
sharedpix such an easy way to share pics with friends and family.
Production Valuesc86
Interface very useful and easy to use.
Interface very easy to use.
cool effects and awesome utilities.
With a really stunning UI.
very simple interface and easy to use.
Ease of Usec73
Itu2019s an easy way to save and share your photos.
I like the desktop downloader to save those photos as well.
simple graphic.
The interface is intuitive and attractive.
This app is super easy to set up and works seamlessly.
Quick and easy transfer and upload.
Hopefully they work out the kinks.
Security & Privacyc58
Unlimited secure storage for free.
There are a ton of apps that offer secure photo storage.
to keep your private photos under password protection.
Updates & Supportc96
Worst customer service.
the devs seem to be willing & ready to respond to users.
Developers are very quick to respond to feedback.
and has fantastic customer support.
Does what it says and does it without totally draining your battery.

Just discovered sharedpix such an easy way to share pics with friends and family. found in 5 reviews
If you want confidence and ease in your digital photo management. found in 10 reviews
I love the new " clean my phone " to help minimized phone storage. found in 20 reviews
Who wouldn't love unlimited full resolution backups of your all photos. found in 9 reviews
Very useful photo utility for iOS. found in 3 reviews
Definitely the best photo storage app I have used. found in 55 reviews
Wish I could store videos. found in 5 reviews
2015 update: nothing new stable so far. found in 2 reviews
A nice execution. found in 2 reviews
Good that the app is constantly updated. found in 1 reviews
I cannot upload my photo. found in 1 reviews
and since trunx cant store them. found in 1 reviews
2015: much stable than previous update no lag so far. found in 2 reviews
Can't export in ORIGINAL resolution. found in 2 reviews
Also it would be great if we could upload videos too. found in 3 reviews
I’d give it 5 stars if there was a way to identify and delete duplicates. found in 2 reviews
unreliable app. found in 1 reviews
but still not much of a fan of the app icon. found in 3 reviews
but so does the built in photo manager. found in 2 reviews
It doesn't say what's gonna happen. found in 3 reviews
Only 4 stars because of no video upload yet. found in 4 reviews
Read the privacy policy. found in 2 reviews
I think this could be a great app but it's not ready for prime time. found in 2 reviews
Won't let me DL my pics in original size. found in 1 reviews
received answers but still no complete upload. found in 1 reviews
Don't Use This and Don't Delete Your Photos. found in 1 reviews
Hangs at " network not available " after a "successful " sign up. found in 2 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Trunx - Peace through Privacy for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 11.2 MB to download. The new Trunx - Peace through Privacy app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-03.
Bottom Line: For more information about Trunx - Peace through Privacy check developer Lifetime Memori`s website :

Record your life and keep it private. Trunx lets you capture, organize and store photos and videos privately in the cloud, using zero space on your device. Special launch promotion: Download now and receive unlimited storage ...
I Invited so many friends to get the two giga extra bonus never happen they never get the bonus either big lie shame of you     Big lie about the two giga extra bonus
Me encanta esta aplicación La uso todo el tiempo Puedo tener todas mis fotos y ahora mis vídeos también Eso es excelente Se las recomiendo al 100                 Excelente
Updated This great app that I have been using forever is now even better than ever Storing my precious videos I take on phone for safe keeping And its faster than ever I can share pictures with family and friends so quickly Really a great app Keeps my photos organized and safe freeing up space on my phone while still having them right there The support is quick and friendly They are always trying to make this great app even greater I love the widget in notifications showing older photos bringing back all the memories and lost photos The clean my phone feature is awesome keeping my phone space free and keeping it fast Everything about this app is super easy to use This app is a staple on my phone and tablets Keep up the great work                 Great photo appAND NOW VIDEO
I like how they give u 2GB for every friend u refer nobody gives that much space referrals BUT it only uploads about 20 pictures at a time even over wifi Maybe this will change with an update but for a person with hundreds of pictures like me Ill need better upload capability           Ive had better
I have been using Trunx almost since day 1 The new video upload makes it even better I love the calendar feature the super easy way to tag my photos and the Shared Pix Everything is clearly developed for the user and one of the few apps that is pretty much bug free every release If you want confidence and ease in your digital photo management give it a try You wont regret it I dont recall how I came across it but of the hundreds of apps Ive tried and deleted since I got my 1st iPhone this is one I cannot live without                 Photo organization at its finest
Great app                 Great app
35 Added Auto Video update Awesome I dont do lots of videos but the ones I have are irreplaceable I love Trunx Videos and all my pics by date and I can tag share easy etc Update I have used since it came out Number one in my book one feature I love is Calendar each day I go back 1 or 2 years to exact day and send a picture to my daughter of her new daughter Its easy Peasy to do and Trunx auto saves all my pics on iPad and phone Other than keeping my raw files this app does everything I wantneed to manage my photos Oh I suppose one day face recognition might be cool I have it on iphone ipad and desktop I have lots of pics and need to make room for more Trunx to the resue Thank you                 Great just got better
I have been using this for awhile and I love itgreat customer service I have pictures back to 2002 and can share anywhere I am Everyone I show ends up using this app                 Awesome
My pictures wont load and every time I log out it wont let me log back in and when I go into an album its all white no pictures show up     Awful
Very good app Would recommend to other people              Pretty good app
Love this app so much Im able to free up room on my phone and have all my photos in one place that I trust I have this app on all my devices and the desktop uploader Highly recommend this app Now with video upload its even better to keep both videos and pics on the same app The developers are quick to respond and try to fix any issues which makes this app even better The new clean my phone feature is amazing and helps me feel confident my photos are backed before they are deleted Its so reasonably priced and I think its awesome that they give you a chance to earn your storage instead of paying for it Each update makes the app significantly better cant see where this app goes in the future                 Keeps getting better and better
I used to use iCloud to store my pictures but after finding this app I no longer have to deal with wondering if all my pictures were stored properly but this app makes everything so easy It also takes up so little space on my phone for holding so many pictures and videos Its literally AMAZING                 I love this app
Love this app                 Awesome
I never backed my phone up to my iCloud So when I dropped it in dishwater I lost everything The thousands of pics I had of my daughter from the day she was born and over the next 2 years Thank God for this app Not only did it give me back every pic I had ever taken of her but they categorized them by the month and year in which they were taken Im so grateful Thank you                 Awesome App
Takes forever to upload photos Im talking about days           Takes forever
This is a must if you take lots of photos on your iPhone especially if you only have small memory version It just works great                 Great app
I love this app It organizes and stores your photos in the most user friendly way It make having to delete the photos on your phone less painful because they are right there in the app LOVE this app                 Love it
Yes i loved the video uploading feature but when i upload an updated video of the video that has already been uploaded on trunx it wont upload anymore     Videos
I love this app Usually works fantastically Then today I updated it As soon as I click on it to open it it opens and closes like a flash So now I cant even use it anymore VERY DISAPPOINTED iPhone 4s with iOS 6           Was great until I updated on 81315
Nothing in the updates has caused Trunx onestar decrease in fact its faster than ever and still stores my pics at full res The decrease is because the more that I use the app the more I realize how difficult it is to get pictures off of the cloud and into some kind of external media eg flash drive No fivestar rating until Trunx has some kind of desktop interface              Down a star
this app is a life saver and very handy to say the least very efficient the only problem I have is that when I go to the calendar section to view the months it wont load the month of April it doesnt show any pictures or videos at all but on the thumbnail for the month it shows that there are some              Great except for one thing
Dear trunx I still have you as 1 in my bast app Category but up until 3 weeks ago I have been getting a little trouble with your app about that time I update your very kool app then something happen it stop saving my pix I hope someone can come to my rescue soon And I hope that all my pix are not gone Im very sad and dont know what to doplease help                 Happy user
This app has been like a lifesaver storage wise Best thing ever especially considering iPhones have no other storage option expect for iCloud storage Very easy to recall photos back onto your phone if needed I love this app Make sure to connect to your Facebook It wont have any photos whatsoever but its make an alternative login incase you forget your passcode not easy retrieving or the app gets deleted everythings all safe if your fb acct connected                 Lifesaver
I love Trunx It is the best picture storage app Ive found yet                 Love it
A Complete peace of mind for storing your photos                 The best Photo storage App
What can I say I love Trunx It uploads all my photos and videos seamlessly so I dont need to keep them on my phone It comes with a ton of free storage so do you dont have to worry about running out of space My favorite feature allows you to share albums with your family and friends Its the total package for photovideo storage and sharing                 No better way to store and organize your photos and videos
This app blatantly disregards users privacy The photo upload to their servers start as soon as you open the app You give them permission to photos thanks Apple and it immediately starts uploading the photos There is no option to disable the continuous upload There is no option to delete your account and data You have to request them through email     No privacy
I love this app Its great for storing all those photos you just cant seem to delete And then still have all the free storage in your phone Love it                 Love this app
The app crashes every time I try to play a video and when it actually plays the white loading box is still in the middle of it              Videos
Love this app                 Great App
Trunx is a great app for backing up viewing and sharing your photos and now videos as well Trunx is a great and easy way to organize your photos to easily find again later Its a great way to share photos and videos with friends and family Theyre very reasonably priced with a helpful and friendly staff I recommend Trunx for everyone I also want to mention how helpful the developers are They respond quickly to you and at finding a fix should you have a problem                 Just keeps getting better
I enjoy this app and now with the video download capability its even better                 Video downloading makes it better
July 2015 With this latest update I can now save my videos on Trunx This is a good thing because my interest in video is expanding but the memory on my phone is not Along with the addition of storing video they have increased the speed apparently Previously recalling an old photo seemed to take a couple of seconds but the new percentage count down seems almost instantaneous A great upgrade Trunx is fantastic I have been using it now for quite some time Everpix was my favorite storage company and I never thought there would be a company that could replace them But Trunx has The software is top rate and when you throw in the supportive staff you have a major winner The company is alway coming out with more useful enhancements Im not using an Apple Watch yet but given how well they handle the daily widget I love going back to old photos I had forgotten about on the iPhone it is sure to be a winner too You cant go wrong with this app Buy it                 Great App Great Support
Best photo app ever it just glitches a lot on my phone                 Great app
I had over 9000 photos to download It took several weeks to complete loading 6000 pix The the downloading quite and despite help from Trunx I cannot download the other 3000 photos Very disappointing     Trunx
Great app but crashes when I try to play videos                 Crashes when playing videos
Love it                 Best app
First Trunx is a very good cloud storage 15 GB in the beginning you can get more by inviting or I have a problem now after the last updateit wont upload anything although it says uploading Ive send a bug report but I dont have any answer yet The 1 star is for this problembug It couldve been 23 stars but the video upload was a 1 just a suggestion for you guysdevs if its possible to make a yearly plan with some kind of discount thatll be great C edit Trunx is working fine now D Very Great customer service 3 For those who have the same problem sign out from Trunx delete Trunx reinstall Trunx sign in REALLY BE PATIENT because it takes t i m e And its fixed Thank you again Trunx team for the quick response solutions I recommend this app for everyone 3                 It doesnt upload anymore
I have been using Trunx since I first saw it demonstrated at MacWorldiWorld 2014 Back then it was only a way to store photo memories in the cloud and save space on your phone With the release of the latest version you can now save not only photos in their original resolution but also videos shot using your camera app videos shot using a Trunx are already stored in the cloud of up to 5 minutes in length You can then use Trunx to calculate the amount of space your photos and videos take up on your device and use its Clean My Phone function to free up space on your mobile device Still waiting for a way to intelligently delete duplicates and to view stored photos on a computer though Then it would be a 5 star app              A good app is now even better
Trunx organized my 17000 pictures and videos while keeping them in the original resolution I dont have any complaints Honestly this is my favorite app and their pricing is the best out there If you dont use Trunx for your storage of memories youre missing out                 Simply the best photo organizer
An amazing app                
I dont even remember how I cane across this app but it saved my phone from crashing from too much datapics its really easytouse and like dropbox you can get free gigs by inviting friends unlike the stingy icloud no strings the app works flawlessly so far                 so glad i got this
Ever since they updated to save videos which is a great idea the uploading has almost stopped completely I mean it has taken two days on wifi to upload two 30 second videos           Ok but slow
Love this program keeps my photos organized and findable fast Great app                 Trunx
Easy to use secure and logical I love this app one of the best out there                 Great app
I updated and my videos will not load on the app other than that it is the best app to save pics My phone had to be restored to factory settings and I wasnt sure if all my pics were on the app When I downloaded the app and logged in they were all there              Love this app but new update doesnt work
UPDATE AS PROMISED the support department that said it would get in touch with me within one business day and had not done so within three business days still hasnt gotten back to me after seven business days That equals No Support At All AND over a week after first opening the app on my device when it started to upload my photo library is STILL uploading my photo library over a week later thats running 24 hours a day for over 7 days in a row Its making progress though About 80 is uploaded Give it another five days or so I see that its working I think Im being very patient dont you As for Support totally ignoring a few basic and obviously unexplained anywhere questions for over a week you can see that this companys priorities do not rest with their customers Just for fun look at the support section their website They repeatedly say theyre working on that problem for every question that is asked and they have no date not even an estimate for when theyll fix it Other problems they say they wont fix but thanks very much for standing by us I would say Trunx is a joke but its really really not funny Put your photo collection in the hands of these clowns who are as unstable as their app I wouldnt recommend it I installed this app five days ago and it started loading my picture library immediately And its never stopped I have about 18000 photos on my Camera Roll including only twenty or so videos This thing uploads around 2500 photos per day All my videos are already uploaded so thats not slowing things down Its just a bunch of photos All this happens in the background and there is no way to stop it Im terrified to stop it anyway Ive deleted some of the uploaded photos from my IPodTouch and if this thing doesnt finish or crashes for some reason Ill probably never see those photos again This app is holding my whole device hostage and of course its wreaking havoc on my Internet performance Many pages wont load or take a very long time to load and sometimes freeze in the middle of loading I can barely use the net I wrote to Support and received an immediate automated response saying a staff member would review my email and get back to me within one business day Its been three business days and I havent heard a word I guess this developer is slow about everything I ask using a DSL WiFi connection and have almost never had a problem with speed or performance This creeping piece of junk app is ruining my iPod experience and interfering with my daily business and leisure If this does not deter you from downloading this app you should at least check out the Trunx support page and read the numerous inquiries of very scared people who have somehow uploaded all their pictures but are unable to get any of them back To which support has no immediate remedy to offer but says they will hopefully in a future release Scared yet I guess the five star reviews are coming from people that have much smaller libraries but the amount I have is not unreasonable and should have completed a long long time ago Ill keep updating this review as things progress if they ever do Ill raise the rating if anything improves Ill even raise it if I ever hear from Support This App attempts a mammoth undertaking perhaps the significance of their elephant logo but considering the huge importance of the photo collection on the device to anyone who has one these developers had better have their stuff down cold because the destruction this could cause is monumental     Still waiting
Thanks EchoPix are amazing                 Awesome
Good Should house videos and be able to view all pics in one folder              Good
Pretty Cool App              Awesome

Trunx - Peace through Privacy Photo & VideoTrunx - Peace through Privacy Photo & VideoTrunx - Peace through Privacy Photo & VideoTrunx - Peace through Privacy Photo & Video

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