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Phoenix Age, Inc.
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Description - Underworld Empire

Phoenix Age, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Underworld Empire ,Castle Age HD), brings Underworld Empire with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Underworld Empire games has been update to version 1.10 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Fast paced and fun to play..
  • Old school MySpace Mafia Wars flashback..
  • Great Gangster game..
  • Best game like this so addictive play it all the time..
  • looking forward to hot girls..

Overall Satisfactionc91
Probably one of the best games I've played in a while.
Amazing game I plan on playing it for a long time.
This game is one of the best games I've played on the smartphone.
Definitely a awesome game I would recommend this game to anyone.
Just don't give your account info to anyone else.
This is the best crime game I've played out there.
Way better than Mafia Wars or Mobsters or any other mafia game.
I give this 5 stars for everything a game need as.
Game needs more time per energy refill.
Really good game add 8E6709 and 0DDEFD.
Fun & Engagingc91
Fun game to play and very entertaining and addictive.
Awesome game with great graphics and game play.
This game is very addictive especially when you first start.
Very fun game and not extremely time consuming like most.
This game is super fun to play and can be addictive.
Awesome Game Add Me 709161 Need Allies.
join an active empire and you'll still have loads of fun.
Best game like this so addictive play it all the time.
Best game first and last game I play morning and night.
It's turned into the only game I play on my iphone.
I actually remember to play everyday without being reminded.
Keeps you entertained and wanting to play everyday.
Family Friendlyc97
Family fun.
Value for Moneyc61
Awesome game it gives you favor points without having to spend money.
Hard to compete with others without spending real money.
Replay Valuec77
Even in higher levels the game still holds my attention.
it never gets old.
Kind of fun and challenging with the competition.
Very fun and strategic.
Social Aspectsc92
I've toyed around with various social games similar to this.
It's very enjoyable to play with friends and others.
Fantastic social aspect and team work as you build your character.
Production Valuesc96
Best game like this so addictive play it all the time.
Great interface and awesome graphics since the recent update.
Amazing graphics.
Ease of Usec85
Enjoyable game that is simple to play and understand.
Simple to play yet it keeps you entertained.
Lots of options and its easy to catch on to.
Easy to catch on to.
Game freezes everytime i use it.
Updates & Supportc24
The only positive thing I can say is the customer service.
As for customer service and support.

Great fun and time passer that you will enjoy. found in 9 reviews
I loved this game- the best mmo out there by far. found in 6 reviews
It's very enjoyable to play with friends and others. found in 7 reviews
Lots of different stuff to keep your attention: gang wars. found in 6 reviews
Amazing game I plan on playing it for a long time. found in 83 reviews
Awesome game with great graphics and game play. found in 389 reviews
Pretty cool community and definitely a game worth supporting. found in 13 reviews
I actually remember to play everyday without being reminded. found in 24 reviews
This is a good game for people who like strategy games. found in 22 reviews
otherwise it's a great app and fun way to pass time. found in 115 reviews
Extremely well made with amazing art work and stylization. found in 10 reviews
Add me as an ally for daily gifts 08BB1F. found in 21 reviews
Yet it's another money taker and time consumer. found in 6 reviews
This game is super fun to play and can be addictive. found in 35 reviews
Love it daily player add me f75282. found in 18 reviews
It keeps me occupied an it's a very fun game. found in 5 reviews
Fantastic little time waster. found in 33 reviews
This is one of the best mob games out there. found in 15 reviews
The coolest I've played to date. found in 6 reviews
This is the best crime game I've played out there. found in 30 reviews
but everytime I wanna buy FPs the game crashes. found in 23 reviews
Some of the content is confusing but not a bad game. found in 21 reviews
I like the game but the time outs are real frustrating. found in 3 reviews
not bad but not good or great. found in 3 reviews
you can't type the numbers fast enough to deposit it. found in 8 reviews
Crashes from time to time but good overall. found in 5 reviews
There is no way to earn free favor points. found in 2 reviews
Possibly the worst customer service. found in 5 reviews
Still learning the ropes but a great way to waste time :. found in 20 reviews
and they don't give u a way to earn money. found in 3 reviews
Good game but terrible customer service really ruins it. found in 2 reviews
Game freezes and kicks me off. found in 7 reviews
my only problem are the cash vs in- game currency. found in 3 reviews
Newest update crashes. found in 2 reviews
It has never done this until I updated the game today. found in 10 reviews
None of my Game Center achievements register. found in 6 reviews
Great game poor development. found in 2 reviews
Has lag issues on occasion. found in 4 reviews
Fun but slow and starting to get bored with it. found in 2 reviews
Cannot even get to tech support in the game. found in 9 reviews
everywhere is rounding circle and " request time out". found in 7 reviews
This is probably the worst customer service I've ever run across. found in 5 reviews
Locks up and PAY to WIN only. found in 26 reviews
Then the game crashes and you cant log in for days. found in 23 reviews
Now I can't play anymore. found in 4 reviews
This is the worst game I've played yet. found in 6 reviews
Wow I cannot believe they compared this to GTA 5 smh. found in 6 reviews
Game Center recognizes me then 'BAM' crashes to my home screen. found in 6 reviews
After this last update I can't open the game without it crashing. found in 6 reviews
Game freezes everytime i use it. found in 7 reviews
Terrible lag issues and unable to get into game now. found in 4 reviews
is it bc the game is not compatible with iPhone 5s. found in 10 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Underworld Empire for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 19.7 MB to download. The new Underworld Empire app version 1.10 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Underworld Empire check developer Phoenix Age, Inc.`s website : http://underworldempireforums.com/forum.php

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Fun                 Yup
Please hurry and update for iOS 9 I like full screen Really want some more promos           Update
The devs are money hungry They are very shady with events they wont tell you a thing If you dont have millions to play this game just leave now They dont listen to the players on whats wrong They send out surveys to make it seem they are doing stuff but not once have any suggestions been acted upon Many have discussions on their website and the feed back is limited and they say the same ole same The game lags a lot Ive tripped 5 times in a row during eve DONT BE FOOLED There are so many problems in this game that the devs will probably never fix but they will be happy to take your money and run     Listen to what Im saying
Nice details and overall I love this game                 Good game well done
Underworld Empire is a well made and enjoyable game all around in my opinion The micro transactions will not prevent you whatsoever from being in the higher tiers of players it will just take longer If you do choose to invest money on the game for crate rolls it is very reliant on luck though Recently I bought enough FP for 4 crate rolls and 3 of them resulted in epic lieutenants but I have a friend who has done at least 6 or 7 and has only ended up with one rare lieutenant so be warned Other than the luck reliant crate rolls the game is very balanced and well put together and combines quality visuals with a functional and well laid out interface                 Underworld Empire
Typical stamina system with the option to pay for a refill It seems like theres lots to do at first but jobs are mindless and Empire vs Empire wars are done up to 4 times a day on a strict schedule and last 2 hours each If you want your empire to do well you need to participate in at least 2 of these per day top empires may require 3 If youre an enforcertitan god help you because youre going to be glued to your screen while hitting refresh for half of it If you are a new player you will NEVER beat players who have been at this for a couple years without spending quite literally thousands of dollars and even then they have lieutenants that are extremely strong that you will never have the opportunity to acquire I also recommend you check the forums to see the type of relationship the developers have with the community Theres usually a few players discussing strikes on purchases which have happened in the past even from those who have already invested thousands On that note Ive never given a cent to this game which is another option I no longer belong to an Empire I just level up kill bosses and participate in events all mindless button pressing to see my numbers get bigger Im too competitive to play EvE casually and dont have the time or desire to play it competitively If they could make this game more strategic and fair Id definitely consider revising my rating Until then I cannot endorse this type of game 1 star avoid it and play something more rewarding and fair that doesnt nickel and dime you indefinitely     paytowin time demanding grindfest
I like this game I just wish I could get coins so I can purchase better items                 Underworld
My title says it all Give this APP a chance you will get hooked if you play this although I wish they would make achievements green text if you complete all the goals on that certain pull up so you know what file to not look at if your looking to compete all achievements but newcomers will take longer to get the hang of the game compared to players that downloaded the app the first time it came out its perfect for something to keep you busy 4 stars from me and iv been playing this game for about 23 years and Im still as happy as I was when I first played it              AMAZING ADDICTING and just FUN
First thing first It is very expensive I have only paid 100 for it just to say thank you If you do want to play for free make sure you buff up your energy to 2000 stamina to 1000 first so you would have something to play with And then enjoy Im lvl 889 and 24th rank It is very emotional sometimes PS Do not spend rolling crates or scratching scratch offs Its a rip off                 It is the most interesting game Ive played so far
This is a great game it is all that I want to do on my phone anymore                 So good
Good                 Fun
Takes getting used to at first But all in all lots of fun                 Great game
If you dont take it too seriously              Fun
Awesome                 Very addicting
Just a newbiethink Ill be addicted              Love it already
I love it such a fabulous game                 GREAT
I want to be as open and honest with this review as I can This is a fun game in the beginning and seems to be competitive and balanced However once you understand the game mechanics it becomes rather boring because the development team frequently provides little to no communication on events or particular skills and abilities This is a pay to win game You spend huge sums of money to get better LTs Equipment Levels or Insignias A lot of players including me are starting to think that this game may be an experiment on how little a developer company can provide and still rack in tons of money For example lets take the most recent Million Man Boss The special event LT was announced without announcing the special ability which is the most important aspect of the event LT 2days prior to the event ending the team released the ability but not the percentages Well it appeared that this LT would be a star LT that anyone would want given that players in the top 150 in this contest all spent more than 600 and some close to 7000 USD the percentages come out and they are so low and minuscule it is a joke There is a good chance this game will close up shop in the next few years I would recommend you not download it Warning the most expensive game in apple app game history     Played for 35 years
Great game but please lower the ingame store prices that cost real money 33 favor points for 499 is too much seeing how the the prices of the items that cost favor points is all messed up so you end up using all your favor points on just 1 or 2 items so please balance out the prices and then I will start spending real money              Please lower favor point prices Good game
Lots of thinking Most fun                 SŁICE
I love this app Also feel free to add me I dont mind helping 9B5E81                 Love It
Do yourself a HUGE favor and stay as far away from this game as possible The customer service and support is horrible They just want you to spend money on this game and will not answer emails or requests about in game issues They dont respond at all I gave it 1 star because Im forced to Go find something better to spend your time and money on     Stay Away
I like it                 Fun
Awesome game                
I decided to write a review on this game just to let the people in charge know how disappointed I am with this game Ive been playing for over 2 years now and it really has gone to Event are horrible now and have a crappy way of keeping certain info hidden to have people spend money and wait for the last min to inform people what theyre spending their money on Overall I would tell people not to play this game or if they do not to spend any money     First time reviewer for an app
In the past scratchers were a great way to get energy and stamina refils Since the recent version upgrades these have been none existent very disappointing Hello game developers if you want us to keep spending make them appear more     Game is a Money Pit
Quite a good app to pass the time                 Fun app
Its an awesome game                 The game
Muy bueno y vicioso Estoy teniendo problemas en ios 9 No usa el full screen quedan espacios en negro abajo y arriba IPhone 6 plus                
Lost progress with new phone Still fun too start over                 Great game
It needs more deadpool        Well
Fun Not bad at all              Fun
The game is so good Im speechless                 Its good
Very fun Very addictive Very expensive              Great game
Nice              Nice app
Its a great game              One of the best
Love this game                 Great game
You have to remember your starting and it takes a little while to grow              Underworld is fun
The game wont properly fit my iPhone 6 screen after the update please fix it                 Not compatible with iOS 9
Good                 Good
Really great game Extremely addicting                 Ryan
This game had a cool premis of avenger your father but the game did nothing with it and is crap In this game you do nothing more than tap a building and watch as half naked girls shoot stuff I requires no skill or thinking you just tap buildings This game as no substance the gameplay is terrible and every girl is in a revealing bikini I can recommend this game to perverts who want to look at half naked girls all day     Absolute Garbage
Good game                 Uwe
Amazing                 Game
Woohoo amAzing game                 Empire
Gives you something to do when you are waiting or during commercials        A good time waster
Awesome better than imobsters                 Great
This game go                 Yee
This game is ok how ever there are players there that act ignorant you got players there that be making threats harass other players and even disrespectful player The developers need to either band them or do something about it Also this game is a total ripoff     Developers
I work a lot and this game is simple I can pull it out whenever You just got to be on your toes with your money gettin taken                 Great
Fun game Only issue is lost progress when updating phone                 Entertaining

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