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 Sponsored links , the publisher behind many iOS games (Fantage FishFish Lite ,Squeaky Shoe ,Lucky Catch! ,Starblaze ,Super Gokart2 ,Wild Runner Adventure), brings What`s That Word with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. What`s That Word games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super addictive game..
Overall Satisfactionclick me33
This game is great our whole family loves it.
Amazing Game.
I love this app sooo much.
Fun & Engagingclick me50
This game is really fun.
This game is super fun and super addictive.
Super addictive game.
Real awesome.
Reliabilityclick me36
Ads not Intrusiveclick me79


What’s That Word?!


Test your wit and your creativity in a new social word game!


Can you describe a word to your friend using only 3 clues? Can you still do it if 3 clues are blocked? Come find out!

What`s That WordWhat`s That Word
Tags :   clues ,   friend


If you find text boring, check out our Audio Clues! Liven up the excitement and record your clues for your friend. Make your best elephant impression, simulate a battleground, or sing your best opera. Whatever it takes for your friend to guess the word!






- Connect to play with friends across Facebook, or register a new account and start playing!
What`s That Word


- Send clues by text, or send your friend a 3 second recording!


- Win rewards for high rounds with your friend!


- Use Rory the Roaring Rex to help you out with those troubling words!


- Turn based gameplay, solve when you can. There’s no rush here!


The What`s That Word is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 16.0 MB to download. The new What`s That Word app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about What`s That Word check developer`s website :


This game is like Draw Something only that it's guessing words. found in 3 reviews
Best word game on the app store. found in 5 reviews
turn based gameplay solve when you can. found in 2 reviews
So much fun for hours. found in 1 reviews
very addicting and awesome the way u can play with friends. found in 1 reviews
It's like getting FREE stars. found in 1 reviews
this is an awesome app I can see the tiles now. found in 1 reviews
I have discovered a cool glitch. found in 2 reviews
Can't even play one game. found in 9 reviews
It's really really fun but the ads are the most annoying thing ever. found in 1 reviews
I hate waiting for people who take days to play. found in 1 reviews
I restarted my iPad. found in 2 reviews
Good game but it froze please fix. found in 1 reviews
I can't push any of the buttons. found in 2 reviews
No longer a challenge. found in 1 reviews
I just bought ecoins but it won't let me transfer. found in 2 reviews
but I am supposedly still not connected to the internet. found in 14 reviews
No ad bug. found in 1 reviews
It says I don't internet connection and I do. found in 4 reviews
I just updated and now I can't play. found in 2 reviews
if you're patient enough to build up the amount. found in 2 reviews
still glitchy. found in 1 reviews
but there should be a way to cancel a match with someone. found in 2 reviews
cant play because of the STUPID ADS. found in 2 reviews
Fix the NEXT button. found in 3 reviews
Way too many add popups. found in 2 reviews
I really like the game but ever since the update it doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
Did the update and now the letters don't show up. found in 3 reviews
FIX THE NEXT BUTTON ALREADY. found in 3 reviews
Great game except. found in 3 reviews
This game is the worst it is boring. found in 2 reviews
especially if they do not want to play with friends. found in 5 reviews
I updated and now I can't see anything. found in 2 reviews
I CAN'T GUESS THE WORD. found in 4 reviews
Very disappointing because the game is really fun. found in 3 reviews
it's retarded and the game glitches and won't connect to the Internet. found in 14 reviews
After the update it doesn't work anymore. found in 2 reviews
Every time I put the last letter it crashes FIX IT. found in 6 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
I love the game so I bought twenty five dollars in ecoins but whenever I try to transfer them all it says is Not connected to the internet But I am connected to the internet Please fix this          Not able to transfer
When I invite someone to play the game a thing comes up saying something like trying to find someone to play he game plz wait and WONT GO AWAY plz make a update          Update
I bought 8000 expound and every single time I try to transfer them to my fantage account it says whoops your not connected to the internet please try again so I tried doing every thing I turned my iPhone off then turned it back on restarted my router and it just wont work please helpAnd if you dont I will never play this game again because quite frankly its getting on my nerves with the internet thing because I know that I am connected to the internet SO HELP ME    Problem
The game is fun but there should be a way to cancel a match with someone I have 5 games going in right now and all 5 people havent played in 2 weeks       Annoyed
I really want to buy ecoins but it wont let me Please fix If fixed i would give it 5 stars I really love fantage and all the games    E coins
I really love this game except every once in a while it says Whoops connect to the internet and try again except Im at an internet hotspot I restarted my iPad but I am supposedly still not connected to the internet Fix please Other than that I love this game Its a great way to earn stars if youre patient enough to build up the amountCorrectionThe only time you need Internet is when you transfer stars for me anyway I found that you cant transfer stars in bulk so I transfer them 20 at a time Its time consuming except I can redeem my 2000 stars             Not connected to the internet
When i transfer starseCoins it said transfer competed but theres no ok sign or go back sign so it gets stuck in the transfer completed so I have to wait for some hours and I did refresh but doesnt work can you please work on this                Problem
iPod please                iPod
Play with me please my user is Sarayellow I love it but when I make a game with a random person and something pops up and says that I made a game with and I dont know how to get rid of the pop up so I cant play without someone making it with me first             Awesome
Its really really fun but the ads are the most annoying thing ever every five seconds it pops up I mean one or two ads here and there would be okay but being bombarded with ads is annoying          Fun
Everytime I open up the app I start to play but then all of a sudden a notification pops up and the whole app freezes I exit out bunches of times but it never goes away so I end up deleting the app and getting it again to restart but this just happens over and over so there really no point in me getting it ever again    Im disappointed
This is not fun for me there is lots of bugs and I need them fixed it wont let me play with my friends or random it only lets me earn ecoins would u please fix it                Ok
When i go on it it is upside down so when i can read it then i type the clues the keyboard is upside down and the screen is black above the keyboard It used to work fine then idk how this happenedThis darbytiger from fantage please give me friskyBye       Please fix
Second update fixed the letters being blacked out To make it better they should allow you to play a computer I hate waiting for people who take days to play             Was a fun game
When I play with a random opponent it pops up saying youre playing with but it wont go down until I uninstall and reinstall it then it pops up again if I have a random opponent and it would make me able to play more if it gets fixed          Wont go Away
I boight 8000 ecoins and the win transfer    Worst game ever
How do you even play this game I have been waiting for almost 1 whole hour to play my first game please help       Confused
That level up I dont know And I dont care and um sorry for that                Lol what is mean
this is an awesome app I can see the tiles now I rlly think u should get this app                awesome
Absolutely love this game The update was excellent especially once you fixed it May I suggest that you bring back more blocked words Its just too easy now Love the leave a comment though I havent tried it yet Not sure what the Get Social page is for is it in the works All in all a GREAT Game Thanks                Whats the Word
Its cool             Cool
it keeps saying to check my Internet connection whenever i try to transfer stars or ecoins plz fix    Connection Problem
Every time I play this game and something pops up I know its not my phone because I just got it fixed I feel until they fix that I will not play it because the pop ups cannot be closed    Dumb Popups
This app would be alot better without any ads Every 5 secs ads coming pop up And plus its expensive buying to take off the ads And when u try to earn ecoins it only gives me 1 vid per day instead of the other ones Ty                No ads
This game is the worst it is boring    Word game
I bought eCoins on here without knowing about the whole noInternetconnectionthing and it wont let me transfer them I tried transferring stars and it works So fantage gets kids to buy something they want on the computer but make it get stuck on a stupid boring app that has no internet They shouldve just took the app of the App Store I wasted 499 on eCoins Im really annoyed right now    I agree with Yolo Nerd
FIRST OF ALL THE APP HAS A LOT OF 1 STARS BECAUSE OF A PREVIOUS UPDATES EVERYTHING IS FINE NOWNow for my review I think you made it too simpleIt might or might not be a good thing Im sure I do know that your main priority is the children so I trust your decision                 Hey theres no more problems
I love this app sooo much Its a great way to play with friends and play with friends from face book Even though i dont have facebook i still love this app with my heart And even if u dont wanna play with a person anymore u can delete ur game with them U should get this app especially if u have fantageso DOWNLOAD IT NOW Ull fall in love with this awsome app                BEST APP EVERRR
This is a really fun game I do enjoy playing it However I feel that there should be a way to cancel out a player What I mean by that is some of the people Im playing from random opponent havent even played the first round and its been over a week There should be a way to end the game due to inactivity without penalizing the player that is actually willing to play          Great Game
when i try to start a new gme it saysCheck ityou have found a game with it wont go away so i cant play    fix it
Its horrible do not get this app    Horrible
Every time I try to transfer ecoins it says I have no internet connection when I really do Please fix this    Transfer Problems
I was transferring my stars and ecoins it only let me transfer my stars I bought my ecoins I need them I want to transfer them now I need you to fix I am thinking that they just want money and they dont want us to have our ecoins    Not letting me transfer my 3005 ecoins
Having only one blocked word has completely taken away the challenge of the game The blocked word u use isnt even the most common For the word quack you block callwhy not duck This game seems that now it should cater to teenagers when most of the users were adults          No longer a challenge
Every time I try to transfer stars it says that Im not connected to the internet but I went to my settings and I am connected Fix this please please please I am user shelby4353 btw there is a lot of problems in this app Im about to uninstall I have about 2000 stars now and I cant transfer its getting annoying Im changing my rating to 1 star instead of 3    Problems
Cool game very interesting You need to get your friends to play with you to have fun with this game                Fantastic
This app is crap    I hate it
I have payed 499 for 8000 ecoins so I can transfer them to my fantage account but each time I try to transfer my ecoins it says that I have lost wifi connection and plus I have tried it on multiple wifi servers so its not the wifi so I would like a refund or for fantage to transfer 8K of ecoins to my acc which that is bambikawaii ASAP please and thank youHailey    Please h
This game is fun if you have friends to play withih and find me on fantage my user issunshine348439                FUN
Every single time I go and transfer my ecoins and stars it says It looks like your not connected to the internet try again well I AM connected to the internet Ive tried everything like turning my ipad off and back on Ive reset my internet router and done EVERYTHING I can think of But it wont work Please help       Problem
I just bought ecoins but it wont let me transfer It says I dont internet connection and I do Omg I just bought ecoins for 5 bucks plz help and Ill rate 5 stars       Great app but
I dont at all like how it says check it and it wont let me go out and I had to delete it and get it again PLEASE FIX             CHECK IT
Every time I try to log in its oops your not connected to the internet people say reset your phone but why so that for a little app    I am frustrated
Its nice but If the game is without any ads its will be the bestBy 7aloota             Its nice but
This game has SO many ads They are all for other games that Fantage offers however they pop up every chance they get It has become very annoying There is a feature to get rid of them by purchasing them with eCoins or Stars but it is too expensive This app would be much more enjoyable without the ads          Ads
I recommend not to get this app Right in the middle of your game there will be an app 1200 ecoins to get rid of them Thats for my account not to give u people ugh I like the game just that nobody likes the ads    To many ads
The game is fun but when ever I try to transfer my ecoins it says Im not connect to the Internet tried everything to fix this but it doesnt work please fix this its getting on my nerves       Why cant I transfer my ecoins


16.0 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.0
iPhone iPad

iOS What`s That Word 1.0.0 Mobile

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