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Zoom , the publisher behind many iOS app (ZoomPresence ,zoom.us Cloud Video Meetings ,Mach1), brings zoom.us Cloud Video Meetings with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. zoom.us Cloud Video Meetings app has been update to version 0.9.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Mobile photo sharing is excellent..

Overall Satisfactionc95
The video quality is indeed way better than Gotomeeting and WebEx.
The video and audio quality are great.
Far better than Skype or google hangout.
the connecting speed is amazingly fast.
So much better than the alternatives I've used.
I would highly recommend this tool to anyone with similar needs.
Best web conferencing and online meeting app out there today.
Production Valuesc100
The video quality is stunning.
Ease of Usec72
but have yet to get it to connect.
Easy setup & use.
Fantastically Easy.
easy to integrate in a website.
Security & Privacyc33
Updates & Supportc100
Support is great.
Great customer service.
thanks for the new update guys.

I have used many video conferencing and screen sharing applications. found in 14 reviews
Best web conferencing and online meeting app out there today. found in 2 reviews
Video is crystal clear even with low resolution cameras. found in 1 reviews
The audio quality is great and I never see choppy video. found in 4 reviews
send group text images and audio files from mobile and desktop. found in 2 reviews
co annotate during screen sharing on iphone and ipad. found in 2 reviews
The video quality is indeed way better than Gotomeeting and WebEx. found in 12 reviews
The iPad 2012 surprisingly has a very good front facing camera for video chat. found in 1 reviews
By using Zoom mobile I am able to schedule a meeting. found in 7 reviews
It's a great app to have on ur laptop and phone. found in 1 reviews
us so as to connect with others seamlessly. found in 8 reviews
However having audio issues with my iMac running ML. found in 1 reviews
This app barely works. found in 1 reviews
Works well however does not support screen sharing as it states. found in 1 reviews
This really needs to be added then it will be best app out there. found in 1 reviews
While the social login is annoying and inconvenient. found in 5 reviews
Poor Privacy. found in 1 reviews
Poor sound quality. found in 1 reviews
paid subscription. found in 1 reviews
Contacts interface is confusing and difficult at best. found in 1 reviews
if you include audio. found in 1 reviews
Caused issues with phone. found in 1 reviews
One star because the app is unusable for zoom. found in 1 reviews
Another app with a mandatory social login. found in 5 reviews
It wouldn't take my Gmail login even after trying 10 times. found in 1 reviews
then find out I can't use that account on the IPad app. found in 1 reviews

The zoom.us Cloud Video Meetings is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.9 MB to download. The new zoom.us Cloud Video Meetings app version 0.9.1 has been updated on 2014-11-04. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about zoom.us Cloud Video Meetings in Zoom`s Official Website : http://zoom.us

zoom.us is a free cloud HD video meeting service. You can start or join a HD video meeting with crystal-clear, face-to-face conversation and high quality screen sharing- anytime, from anywhere, to anyone. It s super easy: install ...
Switching between the app the program my replies to others are dropped Makes no sense why cant I see what I sent        Drops messages
Definitely a must have app on my phone from here on out Much better than FaceTime or Skype                 So easy to use
This a works well with PCs and smart devices The sound and video are great Meetings with multiple people on at the same time works very well Zoom does not work well with Polycom If the Polycom is visual only Polycom and zoom work well however if you include audio the Polycom video become pixilated to the point of total distortion           Great app for pcs and smart devices only
I dont understand not clear it up confuse this change new zoom what click reactivate your messaging how this meeting and chats contacts           iPad or iPhone
Helps productivity in the office a lot                 Great tool
The UI and UX are amazing Zoom has to be the easiest video collaboration tool with the highest quality on the market                 NA
Zoom is a no brainer for online meetings Quality and features are better and less expensive than what I was previously using GoToMeeting                 Just keeps getting better
When using the app on the IPhone 6 plus none of the screens pan or display correctly You cant see others in the chat and the display gets all crazy almost completely disabling the video Only the audio option works right     Doesnt Function Well on IPhone Plus
I used this app for two years Amazing experience all the time                 Enjoy using this app
Choppy and slow is how this app runs on my phone I have a iPhone 4 and I tried joinin a meeting with 10 other people and it was running so sloooooow Its unbearable and I cant even understand what they are sayin What a load of crud        This app barely works
Weve tried three other programs but this is by far the best and it truly is mobileall our VPs can login no matter where they are or what they dotwo thumbs up                 Best web meeting
Very nice App                 Like it
I have really enjoyed the zoomus platform for meetings The quality is so much better and more stable than other services I dont mind paying to play However recently we discovered that our India clients who often experience lowquality internet service do not have the option of calling in via an Indian phone number We have had to look at other solutions due to this one problem Otherwise I would give it 5 stars              Great except for India
When I try to join a conference It joins I can see the video but the app freezes when it asks if I want to dial in or use Internet audio On iPhone 6     Not working for me
Has made operations easier for contacting other I troubleshooting issues Highly recommend                 Excellent product
Simply the best Thank you ZOOM                 Easy HD Quality and Affordable
We have been using zoom in my dept at a large public university We use it for small meetings interviews conferences and more It has been 100 reliable Support is great Easy product to use Highly recommend it                 Stable dependable easy
Excellent App I love that it has text audio video The screen sharing with markup tool makes it perfect                 Excellent App
Ive added my key customers to my contacts and told them that they can get a hold of me day or night on Zoom Quick instant messages for minor issues and quick video meetings when they need major help This level of service puts me ahead of my competition and thus allows me to MAKE MONEY Thank you Zoom                 Zoom makes me money
Better video quality and easier to see yourself and the other person compared to Skype Text chat is awkward though And contact list feature is not good But I use this app a lot On iPhone the app is best for persontoperson In group calls the endless page scrolling us difficult but thats due to the small screen size and no fault of the app                 Easy setup use
This application seems simple to use when in reality is used by a group of hackers that introduce scrips to your user interface giving up your administrative rights within your system and soon your computer iPhone iPad etc will become just a slave drive and watching how your files are stolen passwords changed and administrative rights used and abused by strangers Stay off this app if you dont want to lose all you invested in your computer systems Its a bad idea     The easiest way to have your computers iPhones iPads etc hacked
I have been using Zoom to hold meetings with my offshore colleagues everyday it has been a great experience The video quality is stunning the connecting speed is amazingly fast one click and boom Im in the meeting I would highly recommend this tool to anyone with similar needs                 Great for business use
I could give even 10 stars My hats off to developers                 Truly amazing product
Effortless and transparent mechanism to coordinate action and relate effectively                 Simply awesome
I love the quality when I am mobile and taking meetings in the car              Great experience
By using Zoom mobile I am able to schedule a meeting launch an instant meeting share content and annotate from my IPhone record to the cloud and much more Great product                 Easy to use Reliable
Ill love to use the new features which are included among those mentioned as an excellent method to chat and view the person at the same time My next process is to try it soon Im delighted to include it in my iPhone 6 as a new experience My score up to now will be with 5 stars I had invited a few close friends to include on their iPhone s iPad Air Tablets and Computers too I love to share my new features and applications to my friends                 Zoom for iCloud
Zoom just keeps getting better and better No other company comes close to what they are doing with video conferencing                 Best video conference app
Ive used this app for over two years now Works great every time Super easy to useno real learning curve Love it                 Sales manager
Having used this app a few months now watching thoroughly the tutorials on their YouTube Channel I love this app It has not let me down and the developers are constantly listening to user comments and making updates finetuning and surprising me with their creativity in this space Keep up the GREAT work                 VERY Effective and Efficient Application
Great customer service Amazing service Im really glad we upgraded                 Love It
Ability to share screen browser on an Idevice is invaluable                 Very impressed
This app is amazing                 Awesome app to collaborate
After using Skype FaceTime google hangouts its so great to have an app that finally gives you amazing quality and really stable Video and audio synch up perfectly The audio quality is great and I never see choppy video Cant be any happier                 Best Video Quality
Best web conferencing and online meeting app out there today Love true iOS screen sharing from mobile game changing                 5 StarsHats off to the Zoom team
Have had great success with this app I have business partners in my antiaging company They live in Australia and I live in the US and weve yet to have an issue                 Zoom App
We have tried everything for our Associations meeting and Zoom is by far the best We use it 34 hours per day for spontaneous meetings scheduled meetings and eSeminars The HD quality and audio are excellent I would highly recommend Zoom                 Best Video Conferencing on the Market
Incredibly robust affordable and easy to use A dream come true Got Zoom Sign up free today at zoomus                 High quality Easy to use Low price
I love using the Zoom app on my phone Being able to communicate via the chat function when away from my office really helps and joining meetings is a breeze                 Great tool for getting things done
This is the best tool for both business and educational use Highly recommended                 Wonderful tool
So many companies preach unified collaboration but the minute you start having in depth conversations about their products you start to see the gaps Zoom combines HD voice video content sharing recording streaming as well as IMpresence It truly is a unified solution that is adorable and customer centric I even had a question and the rep was willing to get on a Zoom call right then and there to answer my questions and show me additional features I LOVE ZOOMING                 I LOVE ZOOMING
Its clear like a crystal ball Good for meetings and conferences                 Love zooming
By far the best Video and Audio Web Conference platform Ive ever experienced Easy to use reliable and offered at the highest HD quality available Big fan                 Best HD VW Platform
Really simple and nice when Im away from my computer                 So easy So Awesome
Simple and easy to use video conferencing system Great video quality and one of the best apps out there                 Great Video Conferencing Service
People that dont know how to create simple UIX should find something else to do in life Dont be bringing your useless and confusing UIX to everyone We didnt do anything to do deserve it     Just a pit of frustration
Ive used bluejeans and go to meeting and theres no comparison Zoom is simply much better                 Why use anything else
By far the zoom meeting experience has exceeded my expectations I have used GoToMeeting and Webex and zoom performs better while at a fraction of the cost                 Amazing performance
Really Cool                 Citizen

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