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JPMorgan Chase & Co. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Chase Mobile (SM) ,Chase My New Home ,Chase Freedom® Mobile ,J.P. Morgan ACCESS Mobile ,J.P. Morgan for iPad ,jot), brings Chase Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Chase Mobile app has been update to version 3.35 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Chase Mobile for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.35 has been released on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Chase Mobile check developer JPMorgan Chase & Co.`s website :

FREE Mobile Banking App Customized for iPad users. If you own an iPad, try banking on the go Our exclusive iPad application makes it easy for you to: BANK WITH CONFIDENCE 24/7 If you ...
Nice app the one for the iphone has a nice feature that this one lacks It lacks the ability to peek to see what your balance is without the need of having to log on              One difference between the phone app and ipad app
I love this app but with the last update it closes the app every time when using the thumb print sign on     Recent update
Im a bit surprised that there isnt a function to prioritize accounts or nickname them See the Wells Fargo app Otherwise balance and account info is presented well              Could easily be better
Please add Touch ID to the iPad app Also can you add all the iPhone app features to the iPad app like adding payees and setting up alerts to notify on the iPad I would give this app 5 stars but there are still a couple of things that need to be added first              Add Touch ID PLEASE
I never liked online banking and like it less now I was prompted to update my app and did In the process someone elses account came up Now I wonder is my info secure     Mel
This app is laughably bad It looks horrible and has no TouchID interface Really Chase     This is the ugliest app I think Ive ever seen no TouchID
It covers the basics well but lags behind other apps including chase for iPhone Most other apps in this category have moved to universal app for phone and iPad        Good But Falling Behind
Very basic User interface could look nicer The iPhone app is a lot prettier Why does the iPhone app have Touch ID but the iPad app doesnt Bring Touch ID to iPad app please        Its ok
Why cant the iPhone app be used for the iPad Its so much better especially the feature that allows canceling or editing scheduled payments        Baffling
This app is the very basic but somehow they seem to have a required update every single time I open the app on my ipad or iphone couple times a week I am not exaturating There is no quickly checking your accounts with this app because EVERY time you open it they have a new update that takes 5 minutes download This has been going on for years now and it has not improved My advise BOOKMARK THE WEBSITE And the app is extremely limited you will find yourself needing to go to the actual website for 90 of services     Not Very Helpful
Its available for iPhone but not iPad           No touch ID
Nuff said     No access to statements
For seeing activity and paying on your credit card this app works great                 For paying on credit card
Previous releases for this great app allowed me to edit a scheduled payment This version doesnt Please get this function fixed In case you need to edit a payment you will need to use your laptop or iPhone Otherwise this app is great              Recent Update doesnt allow me to Edit a future Payment
Please update this app for iPad users The blue screen saver is way out dated At least on the iPhone you have a picture of the city of Chicago Did you forget that the iPad is mobile too I use my iPhone for banking because your iPad app is soooo 2012 now Come on guys have the web design guys do a makeover of the iPad app Thank You           Update app for IPad
It should be updated like the phone app I would like to pull up statements on my iPad as well        Major update
Chase could do so much better with this app As proof they dont have to look further than their own iphone app It is much more useable with a better thought out ui They should implement touch id make a universal app like other large banks have and stop making out a portal instead of an app A few tweaks and this would be an excellent ap        Could be better
Im signed up for paperless statements but have yet to receive one This app does not appear to allow access to the current statement the amount owed or the date due It only provides the current amount charged which is generally higher that listed on the statement           No access to current statement
Outstanding mobility Flexible with very few issues Great for on the road                 LLC
There is nothing wrong with the app It works perfectly But when are you going to update the design so its parallel to the iPhone version Please consider doing this and make life simpler              Good app
This app needs to be updated Doesnt look good when the iPhones have the updates but not the iPad Looks too old Please update this        Needs update
I like that any time you sign in to your account through a different device you have to request and identification code but when its the same device and it keeps requiring for you to enter it it has become very annoying           Identification Code
The app is great but it really needs Touch ID                 Chase App Touch ID
Latest update asks me to turn my iPad horizontally to take pic for check deposit It was already horizontal Dialogue does not go away cannot move forward with transaction     Latest update asks me to turn my iPad horizontally
Need to update to Touch ID for iPads that have the feature           Need Touch ID
I really like this app                 Helpful
I dont know what the fuss is over the app I have a Chase credit card and use it to see what charges I have the total balance etc and it does exactly that Its easy to see the payment due date and easy to pay the bill I can pay the entire balance which I always do pay the statement balance pay the minimum or pay a different amount I have never had it crash on me as others say but I also have the iPad Air 2 with enough free space for the apps to breathe 5mb free is not good free some space Overall a great app Does exactly what I want and need I dont know why others think it needs to spit out money through the camera although it would be cool or do tricks Keep It Simple Stupid                 Works great
I would like suggest you to improve this app in many ways such as Allow customers to edit pending payments establish recurring transfer as well as pending transfer and edit it too if you save userid it should not be show the full ID in your screen its suppose to show partial userid for security reason Add Touch ID to show balances and a few recent transactions without logging Once you add these items Then this app will become great Ill get back to you with more but you add these items first        Suggestion for improvement
No preview means I have to sign in every time I hate it        No account preview
okay when it works but customer service is not clued in to app issues stopped accepting check deps and transfers i was blurbed a few times with repetitive troubleshooting by email and by phone they were similarly helpless still waiting        support nil but ok when works
Id love to give this app 5 stars but I just cant bring myself to do it Biggest pro relatively bug free and stable which is a great foundation for an app However this app is severely lagging behind the iPhone app Major features such a Touch ID and an intuitivemodern UI are grounds for heavy disappointment     A great app for 2010
Can we get Touch ID log in just like an iPhone on the iPad           TOUCH ID FOR IPAD
Like others say the UI has fallen way behind the iPhone app It would be another large improvement if Touch ID support were included in the iPad app as well given all current iPads have this feature also           Good but could do better
Why do I have to log in on a computer to see pictures of all of my checks after they are cashed This is a hassle I want to see pictures of the checks that post to my account like I can do in my other banking apps        Cant view pictures cashed checks
Cant do as much as there website can Check deposit function does not work much of the time Camera is constantly switching to portrait not landscape and sometimes is upside down Cant set up recurring payments payments arent grouped by category Needs much work     Limited functions
Who designed this app And where is touch ID     What an ugly app
This app has been great Always very convenient and easy to use but Im giving 3 stars because Chase has been slow to fix recent problems with the last update Also for the last month when I attempt to pay my credit cards on the iPad app only it wont let me make payments stating I havent filled in the information which I have done I can pay other bills just not the credit cards Otherwise I love love love this app I check my account everyday           Problems
Will Chase EVER make this feature actually WORK Constant error messages cannot connect to Chase not available at this time an error has occurred making me retake the photo a dozen times the app crashing any excuse not to actually let me deposit a check Chase should be ashamed of itself for pretending to offer this feature when nine times out of ten it doesnt work     Most useless app EVER
Updated numerous times CAN NOT pay bills transfer NOTHING not happy try to submit payment and it tells me I cant do it try later going on 3 days now     Bill paytransfer
Go to pay bills and pay 2 bills the apps crashes Pay 2 bills the app crashes Pay 2 bills the app crashes Does that 100 of the time on two different iPads FIX YOUR GARBAGE Edit After the last three updates this app WILL NOT LOAD FIX YOUR GARBAGE EDIT 2 IT STILL CRASHES AFTER EVERY 2 BILLS EDIT 3 STILL CRASHES EDIT 4 Gee guess what CRASHES EDIT 5 YET ANOTHER UPDATESTILL CRASHES     Doesnt work for squat
I am so disappointed in chase to even put out this app It never works whenever I sign in it says chase is unavailable Like are you kidding me This is my money and I need this app to work ALL the time Its very sad when I can check my Facebook but not my bank account     Unavailable
This iPad app contains only the most basic functionality The iPhone version is much better I spent way too long looking for a way to view statements in this app turns out you cant What a waste iPhone version is so much better        Youre better off with iPhone app
Make the iphone app landscape view     Landscape
If you bank at Chase and want flexible access to your account info Ive been using these since they came out and theyve worked out really well for me If I forgot transfer money from business to personal acct I can do it right from the checkout line I can make deposits up to 2000 and that covers a lot of routine business The app is secure and convenient Oddly the iPad version doesnt offer access to bank statements which the iPhone does and for that Ive knocked it down one star              iPad app lags behind iPhone app but still good
No major update in years No TouchID support This App looks like an ancient car compared with the sleek looking Chase iPhone App It could be so much more powerful and have such a better look and feel But Chased has clearly abandoned their iPad customers Come on Chase how about giving your iPad customers a little more love     A pathetic App
Please add Touch ID              No Touch ID
iPad app is just OK iPhone app is much better and allows users to see physical billing statements        No statements
Have been having trouble for several months with this app for IPad The 1st time I try to signon the message comes back too many logon attempts I have called on this issue several times to no avail Customer service goes through all the normal questions and tells me there is no reason I cant signon After awhile I get transferred to a a different tech who researches issues with IPad but cannot fine anything They suggest that I delete reload app which I have done several times After pressing them to solve the issue they say someone will research it further and call you back in 34 days I hear NOTHING This is total frustration and they Re about to lose a long standing customer        Not Happy
Since purchasing my iPhone 6 Plus I am no longer able to take pictures of checks for deposits This was an awesome and convenient way to deposit money for my college students son But now all I get is a black screen Ive called and was told this would be repaired by December 2014 but now its August 2015 and still no fix Ive complained to my local bank and they were useless I used to love this app but now seldom log on except to transfer money PLEASE REPAIR this functionality           What Happened to Mobile a Deposit Capability
Its time that Chase released a version of this app that matches the iPhone app in features Touch ID is overdue           Needs Touch ID Support

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